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New horizons: 2012 health care provider report

Collaboration tools and measurements

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Do dashboard metrics include teamwork-based measures?

An era of collaborative health care calls for new measurements. As team science evolves, measures that assess teambuilding and interactions between people and organizations have become more prevalent.

Health care organizations can use these tools to understand their degree of maturity in developing a collaborative culture, target areas for improvement and illuminate opportunities for building a more cohesive, quality-focused, patient-centered organization.

Considerations for your board and executive leaders

Tools and measures

  • Does your organization use a consistent set of goals and strategies to improve team collaboration?
  • Have you assessed teamwork measurement instruments to identify those best suited to your organization’s goals and needs?
  • Do evaluation systems for employed physicians, nursing and staff members include metrics for teamwork and communication behavior?
  • Do dashboard metrics include teamwork-based measures?
  • If you have a team-training initiative in place, what measures are used to provide evidence of success and to indicate areas where follow-up training or refreshers may be needed to improve results?

Reinforcement activities

  • How are you integrating lessons learned through team training into modifying team processes? How does your organization determine the need for communications and teamwork training among its clinical departments and professional staff?
  • Are the same measures used to assess the benefits gained after training is completed?
  • Are periodic refresher courses or other reinforcement activities planned when teamwork and communications training is provided to ensure the benefits do not fade over time?
  • Do communications and teamwork training participants cross departments and involve a variety of staff positions — fostering the perspective that a key to efficient care delivery and patient satisfaction is that all members of a care team work together and contribute to a high-functioning team?

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