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New Horizons: 2012 health care provider report

Investing in information technology

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Have you begun to collaborate with other providers in your market to plan and test electronic exchanges of health information between organizations?

Information technology is essential for supporting collaboration among health care workers, between clinicians and patients and across multiple provider sites.

It is the foundation for meeting today’s most critical industry challenges, from navigating changes in reimbursement and clinical practice to managing costs and coordinating patient care.

However, providing access to data to a wide variety of collaborative partners across an array of settings adds new levels of complexity to keeping information secure. Provider care organizations must continuously evaluate, and invest in, the technologies that will best enable secure information sharing — within their organization and outside of it.

Considerations for your board and executive leaders

ICD-10 readiness

  • Do you have plans to test technology, business procedures and physician readiness for International Classification of Diseases-10 (ICD-10), at a minimum, focusing on your top 10 diagnostic-related groups by volume and by revenue, to ensure coding and documentation for your most frequent cases are accurate?
  • Do your plans for technology and business-process readiness testing also cover billings to all major payers to ensure what you are sending is what they expect to receive so this transition does not interfere with successful billing to all third-party payers?
  • Have you conducted risk assessments to determine which specialties run the highest risk of coding, billing or other ICD-10 errors due to high coding error rates and the new and more specific codes? Have training sessions been planned to address these risk areas for coders and clinicians?

Electronic health records (EHRs)

  • Have you included your physicians in each step of EHR implementation? Is the project collaboratively managed by clinical, operational and IT staff with the clear participation and support of executive management?
  • Have your medical staff by-laws been amended, or do you plan to do so, to ensure all medical staff actually use your EHR system to meet requirements for “advanced clinical functionality”?
  • Have you begun to collaborate with other providers in your market to plan and test electronic exchanges of health information between organizations, as required to achieve Stage 2 meaningful use?


  • Does your community needs assessment support the necessity of telemedicine services, including consideration of any shortages of qualified medical specialists or areas where poor outcomes indicate a need for better post-discharge monitoring by a specialist?
  • Has a multi-disciplinary team, including legal, administrative, financial, IT and clinical representatives, assessed your organization’s ability to successfully provide telemedicine services in specific specialties? Will your medical staff support and promote the use of telemedicine services?

Data security

  • Does your organization conduct an annual security risk assessment and implement changes to address any new areas of risk that are uncovered? Does this assessment cover data security and privacy procedures, ensuring they are updated to address new areas of concern, such as new applications and the growing use of mobile devices?
  • Are new employees trained in data security and privacy procedures and are current employees provided refresher training at least annually? Does this training address the use of social media and types of inadvertent privacy violations?

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