Audit Committee Leadership Networks

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The Audit Committee Leadership Network (ACLN) is a group of audit committee chairs from some of North America's leading companies. They are committed to improving the performance of audit committees and helping to enhance trust in the financial markets.

The ACLN is convened by EY and orchestrated by Tapestry Networks to access emerging best practices and share insights into issues that dominate the new audit environment. NOTE: Tapestry Networks also facilitates several area-based audit committee networks for EY.

The ACLN seeks opportunities for collaboration with other associated audit committee networks, including the European Audit Committee Leadership Network in Europe.

Tapestry Networks publishes ViewPoints – a synthesis of key issues arising from discussion among ACLN members. The ultimate value of ViewPoints lies in its power to help all constituencies develop their own informed points of view on these important issues. They also publish InSights - concise assessments of key issues of concern to audit committees. See our library for copies of ViewPoints and InSights.

United States

First NameLast NameCompany
Roxanne Austin Abbott Laboratories & Target Corporation
Ralph Babb Texas Instruments
Les Brun Merck
John Edwardson Fedex
Tim Flynn Wal-Mart Stores
Raj Gupta Hewlett-Packard
Dick Harrington Aetna & Xerox
Michele Hooper PPG Industries
Labe Jackson JPMorgan Chase
Olivia Kirtley U.S. Bancorp
Marie Knowles McKesson Corporation
Mike Losh Aon & TRW Automotive
Blythe McGarvie Viacom
Heidi Miller General Mills
George Muñoz Altria
Oscar Munoz United Continental Holdings
Chuck Noski Microsoft Corporation
Bill Osborn Caterpillar
Tom Schoewe General Motors
Sandy Warner General Electric Company
Steve West Cisco Systems


First NameLast NameCompany
Dr Werner Brandt Lufthansa and RWE
Aldo Cardoso GDF SUEZ
Carlos Colomer Casellas Telefónica
Ángel Durández Repsol
Byron Grote Unilever
Louis Hughes ABB
Dame DeAnne Julius Roche Holding
Joost Kuiper ING
Maurizio Lauri Unicredit
Brendan Nelson BP and Royal Bank of Scotland
Anders Nyrén Svenska Cellulosa AB
Pierre Rodocanachi Vivendi
Nick Rose BT and BAE Systems
Guylaine Saucier AREVA
Jakob Stausholm StatOil
Jackson Tai Royal Philips Electronics
Martine Verluyten STMicroelectronics NV and Thomas Cook Group
Bernd Voss Continental AG
Lars Westerberg Volvo