Climate change and sustainability

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Paris climate deal 2015: Setting your 2°C strategy

EY - Paris climate deal 2015The United Nations climate talks in Paris reached a milestone when more than 190 countries adopted the first accord. Learn more about key insights and client takeaways from Paris Climate Deal 2015.

Sustainable Transformation Services: Moving sustainability business forward

EY - Sustainable Transformation ServicesBusiness wants to get the most benefit from their sustainability investments. EY’s modular approach adapts to clients’ specific needs.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

EY - The Food Safety Modernization ActAn overview and summary of select final and proposed rules from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

EHS and Sustainability – Data and analytics

EY - EHS and Sustainability – Data and analyticsFor EHS and sustainability, data analytics and solutions increasingly are being used to improve operational efficiency, manage risk, reduce costs and drive innovation. Learn more.

ES-PERFORM: EHS and sustainability (ES) performance services

EY - ES-PERFORMOrganizations are seeking to improve the performance of their EHS and sustainability functions to drive greater efficiencies, reduce risk and obtain greater opportunities. Learn more.

Global sustainability taxes

EY - CCaSSDiscover which three areas of tax policy can help CFOs and tax directors navigate through environmental and sustainability changes happening today.

Shifting the carbon pricing debate

EY - CCaSSEY survey shows businesses around the world actively investing in low-carbon initiatives. In context of COP21, attitudes toward carbon pricing are considered.

Tomorrow’s Investment Rules 2.0

EY - Tomorrow’s Investment Rules 2.0Investors, more than ever, are using nonfinancial information to underpin their decisions. Learn what’s driving nonfinancial reporting effectiveness and how it helps create company value.

Human Rights and Professional Wrongs

Human Rights and Professional WrongsOur publication can help you understand how to reduce social compliance risks, which is a key issue particularly for retail, consumer products and electronics

Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 2

EY - Let’s talk: sustainability, Issue 2In this issue, we discuss environmental and social shareholder proposals, driving value with credible sustainability goals, GHG emission opportunities and competitive advantages in government procurement.

Conflict Mineral reporting year two

EY - Conflict minerals reporting, year twoOngoing uncertainty about the conflict minerals rule is causing many issuers to hesitate to expend resources on increasing their disclosure efforts.

Water resources at the corporate level

EY - Water risk managementBusinesses need to actively manage risks associated with water shortages or quality problems. Learn about our five recommended steps to manage these risks.

France’s sustainability law to impact US companies

EY - France's sustainability law to impact US companiesFrance took another step towards mandating integrated sustainability and financial reporting for all large companies with Article 225 of a new law called Grenelle II.

The three S’s of environmental marketing

EY - The three Ss of environmental marketingLearn what the revisions to the FTC Green Guides mean for “green” marketing.

Integrated reporting: driving value

EY - Integrated reporting: driving valueInvestor reporting expectations have evolved. Leading companies use integrated reporting to provide more complete performance metrics and measurements to improve communication, processes and efficiencies.

The benefits of EHS and sustainability programs

EY - The benefits of EHS and sustainability programsLeading organizations have learned that proactive EHS management and sustainability programs can help drive compliance and reduce risk - and also make money and save money.

Stock exchanges and sustainability reporting

EY -     Stock exchanges and sustainability reportingThe NASDAQ Stock Market and stock exchanges in Istanbul and Cairo recently urged their listed companies to begin reporting on environmental and social issues.

Federal, state and local cleantech programs under scrutiny

EY -     Federal, state and local cleantech programs under scrutinyGovernments continue to examine cleantech projects they support to ensure success at reasonable costs. How can companies prepare for additional scrutiny? See our insights.

Why don't you 'like' me?

EY -     Why don't you like me? Managing risk in the age of sustainability and social mediaSocial media is transforming environmental campaigns targeting unsustainable corporate behavior. Learn about managing risk in the age of sustainability and social media.

Managing risk in the age of sustainability & social media

Social media is transforming environmental campaigns targeting unsustainable corporate behavior. EY’s Adam Carrel discusses how to manage sustainability risk in social media.

How sustainability has expanded the role of the CFO

EY -     How sustainability has expanded the role of the CFOA conversation with Marco Marrone, Canadian Tire Corp.'s CFO and Executive VP of Finance, on strategy, roles and how his involvement has affected sustainability performance.

Working together: Linking sustainability and tax

EY -     Working togetherIdentifying relevant incentives, credits, grants and subsidies can help an organization fund its environmental sustainability initiatives and enhance its bottom line. The key to success is having tax directors work hand-in-hand with those responsible for sustainability initiatives to understand the potential impacts at all levels of the organization.

Five areas of highly charged risk for supply chain operations

EY - Climate change and sustinabilit: Five areas of highly charged risk for supply chain operationsIdentify the five highly charged areas of climate change and sustainability risks that executives should consider when responding to growing demand to eliminate waste from the supply chains and to report on these initiatives.

Seven questions for CEOs and boards considering sustainability reporting

EY - Seven questions for CEOs and boards considering sustainability reportingAlthough sustainability reporting is voluntary, the broad trend is towards greater disclosure. Here are seven things that CEOs and boards should ask in order to prepare for the possibility of reporting on sustainability for the first time, or to improve their existing reports by enhancing data collection processes.