Climate change and sustainability

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EY - Rio+20 Summit leaves lasting legacy

Rio+20 Summit leaves lasting legacy

The UN Rio+20 Summit was noted for the contribution made by the private sector on global climate change and sustainability discussions. Our paper 'What did Rio+20 deliver for business?' delves into this.

EY - Engaging on environmental and social topics

Engaging on environmental and social topics

Successful company-shareholder engagement is resulting in withdrawal of shareholder proposals, with those focused on environmental and social topics among the most likely to be withdrawn.

EY - 2012 proxy season

Leading corporate sustainability issues in the 2012 proxy season

Investors continue to challenge companies to improve oversight and enhance disclosure on hot-button environmental and social issues through the submission of shareholder resolutions and engagement initiatives.

EY - School of fish swimming into the depths

Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

Sustainability efforts are well integrated at many companies. We explore key trends and next steps organizations can take to move them forward even further.


Global Sustainability Summit

The first annual Global Sustainability Summit drew to a close, with governments, businesses and academics agreeing that the development of any future economic models must be based around solid sustainable policy, if long-term growth is to be achieved.

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Durban dynamics: navigating for progress on climate change

In our report we assess the prospects for success at Durban, analyze the key issues and outline the potential consequences for businesses

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How sustainability has expanded the CFO's role

Read how recent trends are changing the CFO’s role in critical areas: investor relations, external reporting and assurance, and operational controllership and financial risk management.

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2011 proxy season update

Social and environmental resolutions now comprise 40% of shareholder proposals. Is your company prepared? Help stay ahead of this trend with this slipsheet.

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Sustainability Reporting Case Study

Sustainability reports publicly disclose an organization’s economic, environmental and social performance. Read a fictional case study about an organization's decision to issue a sustainability report.

Climate Change and Sustainability

Cities for citizens: ambitious and sustainable

Our Government & Public Sector teams interviewed more than 70 city leaders from around the world, including mayors, chief executives and their implementation teams, to uncover their ambitions and targets as well as their challenges and priorities. Take a closer look at these conversations.

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Shareholders press boards on social and environmental risks: is your company prepared?

As proxy season begins, the shareholder proposals currently pending reflect a growing belief on the part of institutional investors that a company's social and environmental policies correlate strongly with its risk management strategy — and ultimately its financial performance. Read more about shareholder proposals.

The role of tax as catalyst for change

The role of tax as catalyst for change

Can tax act as a catalyst for climate change action? Our survey assesses how tax measures are playing an increasingly important role in changing behaviors on the climate change agenda.

Make money, save money and manage risk in the low-carbon economy

Make money, save money, and manage risk in the low-carbon economy

Read our Climate Change and Sustainability Services overview brochure and learn about the key business drivers to achieving competitive advantage, as well as our framework for an enterprise-wide business transformation.

Climate change and sustinabilit: Five areas of highly charged risk for supply chain operations

Five areas of highly charged risk for supply chain operations

Identify the five highly charged areas of climate change and sustainability risks that executives should consider when responding to growing demand to eliminate waste from the supply chains and to report on these initiatives.

Tax opportunities to lower costs and generate revenue  in the low-carbon economy

Tax opportunities to lower costs and generate revenue in the low-carbon economy

Read about the different tax opportunities that may be available to your company to help you lower costs and generate revenue in the low-carbon economy.

Update on climate change and sustainability

Oil and Gas alert: update on climate change and sustainability

What can you do to manage your sustainability risks? Our advice can improve your company's image and environmental impact.

Election analysis

What the 2010 election means for climate change and the energy sector

The new House majority will likely have a dramatic effect on legislation related to energy policy, climate change and energy tax incentives. Read our analysis by Washington Council EY that examines the results of the midterm elections and implications for oil and gas, climate change, RES, and more.

Seven questions for CEOs and boards considering sustainability reporting

Seven questions for CEOs and boards considering sustainability reporting

Although sustainability reporting is voluntary, the broad trend is towards greater disclosure. Here are seven things that CEOs and boards should ask in order to prepare for the possibility of reporting on sustainability for the first time, or to improve their existing reports by enhancing data collection processes.

Top five internal audit risks: Watch a video of the highlights

Top five highly charged risk areas

Climate change and sustainability efforts open avenues for making and saving money, but also make organizations vulnerable to a wide variety of risks. For the Internal Audit function, identifying and understanding these risks and how they affect the organization is critical.

Watch our video to hear five reasons why CEOs are going green

Executives are walking the talk: five reasons why CEOs are going green

Executives are acting on climate change initiatives because their customers expect it -- and because it makes money.

Sustainable Brazil

Sustainable Brazil

In 2014, Brazil will host the World Cup that will bring impacts and benefits, but also presents several risks.

Clean development

The Clean Development Mechanism FAQs

Part of the Kyoto Protocol is designed to stimulate sustainable development and reduce GHG emissions. Read our FAQs.

Publication cover: Carbon market readiness

Carbon Market Readiness

Managing carbon emissions is important to business, but harmonizing the various reporting requirements can be challenging. This whitepaper presents the three key steps of a robust compliance program, spanning day-to-day business processes as well as accounting and tax considerations.