Climate change and sustainability services

Sustainability risk drivers

Revenue generation, cost reduction, stakeholder expectations and government regulation

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Climate change and sustainability are fundamental business issues that are opening up new opportunities to increase revenue and reduce costs. We can help you demystify the highly complex issues and assist you in taking concrete actions to identify competitive advantages, increase operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

Executives' comments on climate change and sustainability

  • Leveraging government incentives is going to be critical to funding our sustainability initiatives.”
  • A major challenge is integrating our climate change initiatives with current business processes and strategies.”

Key business drivers
Our experience indicates that there are four key drivers to achieving competitive advantage:

1. Revenue generation Revenue can be generated through new sustainable products and services, shorter payback models, new business models, innovation investment and investment in the global carbon market.
2. Cost reduction Cost reductions can originate from lowered energy consumption (directly and also indirectly in the supply chain), increases in operational efficiencies, business and tax incentives, IT activity and reduced waste.

3. Stakeholder expectations 

Customers, consumers, investors, employees, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the media have begun to expect sustainable business practices.
4. Government regulation Competitive advantage can come in the form of tax credits and incentives, stimulus funding, environmental laws, SEC guidance, federal and state climate change programs, regional initiatives and financial reporting requirements.