Climate change and sustainability services

How EY can help

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No matter where you are in the process of developing a climate change and sustainability business strategy, we can help you break down the planning process into manageable components.

Steve Starbuck, Americas Leader of Climate and Sustainability Services, talks about the issues a business may face when developing their climate change and sustainability strategy.

Wherever you are on your climate change and sustainability journey, we can help answer your most pressing questions and identify gaps.


The pressing questions we’ll help you address include:

Strategy • Does your company have an overall climate change and sustainability strategy?
• Does the strategy include all the opportunities to generate revenue and reduce cost?
Risk • Have you identified all your risks?
• How well do you have them controlled?
Regulations • Do you know all the regulations impacting your business?
• What is your carbon exposure? What is your cost to comply?
Incentives • Have you identified all the business and tax incentives and stimulus funding currently available?
Audit plan • Is climate change risk included in your internal audit plan and overall enterprise risk management program?
Measuring emissions • Have you established a baseline for your greenhouse (GhG) emissions as well as a reduction target?
Third party assurance • Does your organization assure your external sustainability reporting using a third-party auditor?