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Lunch with David Robinson, Hall of Fame Center, two-time NBA Champion, and Founder, Admiral Capital Group, interviewed by Hannah Storm, Anchor, ESPN’s SportsCenter

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Culture is key to sport and work, says NBA all-star

David Robinson is a two-time NBA Champion, Hall of Fame Center and father of three whose private equity firm is helping build schools in San Antonio, Texas. But his biggest accomplishment, he said, is building a culture that produces great people.

Even today, he feels like his former basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs, is his extended family. People call him and want to talk. One player asked Robinson to officiate his wedding. “We built a culture that guys felt like they could grow up in,” said Robinson, who was interviewed on stage by Hannah Storm of ESPN’s SportsCenter during day one of the Strategic Growth Forum.

Robinson is also the founder of Admiral Capital Group, a private equity firm focused on real estate, and he created The David Robinson Foundation with his wife, Valerie. He says the leadership skills he learned on the court have been helpful in the business world, too.

“Put people in a position where they can be successful,” he advised. Make sure they know you have their back, as long as they work hard and do the right things.

“You can’t fall into a position,” he said. “Your personality is going to permeate the whole organization. You have to embrace that. You have to say, this is who I am — either you like it or you don’t.”



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David Robinson speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

David Robinson
Hall of Fame Center, two-time NBA Champion, and Founder, Admiral Capital Group

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Hannah Storm  speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Hannah Storm
ESPN’s SportsCenter