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Social media: own your brand or others will

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Session recap

Social media: own your brand or others will

Leading companies are leveraging social media as a tool. They have learned to embrace it as a natural course of business, whether for sharing customer stories or gaining real-time feedback on new products, revealed panelists at the “Social Media: own your brand or others will” session.

USA Today Columnist and PlanningShop Founder Rhonda Abrams, who served as moderator, was joined by Will Dean, Founder and CEO of Tough Mudder; Kara Goldin, Founder & CEO of Hint, Inc.; and Lonely Planet CEO Daniel Houghton. They collectively shared how their businesses have applied social media and reaped competitive advantages.

Dean advised that before deciding what, how and where to share their news, a company must determine what it’s trying to achieve: “You really have to look at your business goals, marketing strategy, and then think about what messages you want to communicate.”

The online feedback received via social media isn’t always positive, Goldin said. If a customer posts something negative, “we often ask to talk to them directly, one on one, and try and figure out what the issue is and ultimately over-deliver,” she said. “I don’t think it’s any different in social media as it is in customer service.”

Cultivating and maintaining a social media strategy takes time, according to Houghton. The travel publisher integrates social media throughout the entire business and can measure success by reviewing such things as website traffic and campaign outcomes.



Rhonda Abrams speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Rhonda Abrams
Columnist, USA TODAY
Founder, PlanningShop





Will Dean speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Will Dean
Founder and CEO
Tough Mudder


Kara Goldin speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Kara Goldin
Founder & CEO
Hint, Inc.


Daniel Houghton speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Daniel Houghton
Lonely Planet