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CEOs talk talent

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Session recap

CEOs talk talent

CEOs share tips on keeping top talent

A strong corporate culture is key to attracting and retaining top employees during times of growth, according to panelists at the “CEOs talk talent” session.

Moderated by Kelly Grier, EY Americas Vice Chair – Talent, the panel explored ways to develop and communicate culture, as well as make hiring decisions that reflect that culture.

“Don’t think of culture as an end stage, but something that you need to evolve,” said Paul Segre of Genesys. When new hires don’t seem to be good fits, leaders need to quickly decide whether to replace them or to offer more training or exposure to long-term employees.

At FARO Technologies, Inc., Jay Freeland looks for employees who embody “three D’s”: disruptive, diligent and decent. He gets nervous about candidates who don’t ask about unusual items in his office or tell stories about real failure. “As long as you don’t make the same mistake twice, fine, let’s swing the bat,” Freeland said.

Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevate emphasized the importance of diversity — not only in terms of gender and ethnicity, but also background and disposition. When you build diverse teams, she said, you get “much less efficient decisions, but much more effective ones.”

All of this takes time. At Edwards Lifesciences, Mike Mussallem spends 15% to 20% of his time on talent management. He tries to have a personal touch and stay active in projects, especially where there’s tension or change. “Get involved, and admit your mistakes,” he advised.



Kelly Grier speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Kelly Grier
EY Americas Vice Chair - Talent




Jay Freeland speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Jay Freeland
President & CEO
FARO Technologies, Inc.



Sallie Krawcheck speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Sallie Krawcheck


Mike Mussallem speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Mike Mussallem
Chairman and CEO
Edwards Lifesciences


Paul Segre speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Paul Segre
President & CEO