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Unlocking the value of digital

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Session recap

Unlocking the value of digital

Staying ahead of the digital curve

The age of innovation is upon us, and leading companies are moving beyond mere digital strategy to developing a strategy in a digital world. In a world where companies must disrupt or be disrupted, how can your organization keep up with the digital-savvy competition? The panelists in “Unlocking the value of digital” offered concrete advice.

“You need to focus on what differentiates you and focus on doing that really, really well,” said Sharon Wong of Cisco Systems. “A lot of things will follow from that.”

In today’s digital world, the single biggest challenge for everyone in the room is aligning spending with the anticipated return on investment, said Charlie Vogt of Imagine Communications/GatesAir. “You always have to start with the end in mind,” he said. “In this day and age, you’ve got to stay very, very pragmatic.”

Your organization has a lot more data than it’s using, noted Michael Fertik of Reputation.com. Even if you have the very best, smartest people on your team, “you can still unlock a lot more value from the data you currently have,” he said. And he advised attendees to learn more about what a chief technology officer can dov

And finally, embrace the new technologies. “We have an amazing amount of confidence as consumers” in new technologies such as Uber and Airbnb, “and I don’t think you should be afraid of them in your business,” said Jeff Arnold of Sharecare.


David N. Jensen speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

David N. Jensen
EY Global Innovation and Digital Strategy Leader




Jeff Arnold speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Jeff Arnold
Chairman & CEO



Michael Fertik speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Michael Fertik
Founder and CEO



Charlie Vogt speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Charlie Vogt
Imagine Communications / GatesAir


Sharon Wong speaks at EY Strategic Growth Forum

Sharon Wong
Director Business Development
Cisco Systems