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Thinking big: EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™

Think big and be bold

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"To see that someone as successful as Richard Branson had the same anxieties that you did — it gives you the courage to move forward."Carole Borden
Founder and CEO of CB Transportation

As any educator can tell you, expectations and achievement go hand in hand.

The higher your expectations for yourself, the more you are likely to achieve. So do women entrepreneurs have high enough expectations for themselves and their businesses?

The need for role models, confidence and awareness

“For some women, what’s required is a reinvention of sights,” says Howard Brodsky, a judge for the Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program, as well as co-founder of CCA Global Partners, one of the largest privately held companies in the US. “They might not be thinking big, but part of it is realizing you can grow just as quickly as other entrepreneurs have. It’s part confidence, part awareness. Ernst & Young is uniquely positioned to help them make that connection.”

The program helps women entrepreneurs understand that the qualities that have brought them to where they are — a desire to innovate, a willingness to take calculated risks, a knack for turning adversity into opportunity, an ability to see possibilities others don't — are the very same qualities that build market-leading companies.

Very early into the program, the firm invites the women entrepreneurs to the EY Strategic Growth Forum, a unique gathering of more than 2,300 high-growth companies, where they have the opportunity to meet renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders such as Howard Schultz, Jack Welch and Michael Dell — and to recognize how much they have in common with them.

"I belong here"

Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Sue Rice, the founder and president of Cavanagh Services Group, an environmental services firm that specializes in waste management and transportation, explains, "To be in the same room with Bill Ford, Sir Richard Branson, Herb Kohler of the Kohler Corp. — my first thought was, 'I am overwhelmed.' My second thought was, 'I belong here.'

The Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program shows you the prize — success at that level — and then says, 'Let's get there."

Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Carole Borden, the founder and CEO of CB Transportation, which provides logistics, transportation and distribution for manufacturers and retailers, was similarly inspired: "To see that someone as successful as Richard Branson had the same anxieties that you did — it gives you the courage to move forward.

“One of the realizations I’ve had in the program is that I shouldn’t be looking for small incremental growth,” she says. “Entrepreneurial Winning Women helps you make decisions based on where you want to get to.”

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