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Global Trade

Increasing trade volumes together with greater scrutiny of cross border flows and a focus on compliance with export controls and import regulations can combine to create significant challenges to your supply chain.

In today's global economy, moving goods internationally can be a complex and costly activity. More than ever before, effective management of global trade issues is crucial to maintaining competitive advantage.

Our global network of global trade professionals can help you to operate more effectively in moving goods around the world. We can develop and implement strategies to help you to manage duty costs by utilizing free trade agreements, special programs, and transactional structuring. We can help you proactively manage the risks of global trade, improve your international trade compliance and increase the operational effectiveness of your supply chains.

Our core offerings include strategic planning to manage customs and excise duties; trade compliance reviews for imports and exports; internal controls and process improvement; and participation in customs supply chain security programs.

Our talented people develop proactive, pragmatic and integrated strategies that help you to address the challenges of doing business in today's global environment and help your business achieve its potential.

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