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Seventh Annual Domestic Tax Conference - 17 April Chicago - agenda - EY - United States

Concurrent breakout session presentations

17 April Chicago - agenda

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Morning plenary sessions

Companies continue to operate in an environment characterized by uncertainty. The intensity of economic fluctuations, combined with political, legislative and regulatory issues, has only increased over the past several years. In the US, policy makers continue to debate how to respond to fiscal issues such as the budget deficit and the national debt, both of which influence capital formation and competitiveness. Resolving these and other issues will raise questions about tax enforcement, tax rates and tax competitiveness, which take center stage in discussions of corporate tax reform. Internally, the corporate tax function is being asked to strengthen the bottom line and to anticipate — not react to — all of this change. And, as in previous years, the tax department continues to face budget issues as it tries to accomplish more with fewer resources. The morning plenary sessions will focus on how all of these changes affect your organization and explore how leading companies are transforming the tax function to meet these challenges.

Tuesday, April 17

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Seventh Annual Domestic
Tax Conference - 2012

7th Annual Domestic Tax Conference

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