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EY’s Tax Accounting University

EY - Tax Accounting University

Helping professionals navigate through tax accounting and reporting

In our mission to building a better working world and improving the skills of tax accounting professionals, we’ve developed Tax Accounting University (TAU), a series of educational courses designed to provide hands-on learning and technical knowledge surrounding the vast world of tax accounting and reporting.

Enhance your education in tax accounting with TAU

Our courses are taught by specialists who focus on tax accounting in a three-session series:

  • 1st course: Tax Accounting 101 (TA 101) – The basics of ASC 740
  • 2nd course: Tax Accounting 201 (TA 201) – Intermediate income tax accounting
  • 3rd course: Tax Accounting 301 (TA 301) – Advanced income tax accounting

Courses will cover accounting principles and include practical examples. Each class is approximately one day in length, will be offered in cities across the US and vary in size from one city to another. Registration is on a first-come basis.

Expand your knowledge today

Having trouble keeping up with the latest tax developments? Our TAU courses will help. There is no registration fee or charge for materials, and participants can earn CPE credits. Request an invitation now.

Upcoming courses:

Tax Accounting University is available at the following locations and dates

EY - Tax Accounting University

1st course: Tax Accounting 101 (TA101) – The basics of ASC 740

This course includes financial accounting and reporting guidance for the effects of income taxes that result from an entity’s activities during the current and preceding years. Tax Accounting 101 is intended for those without prior experience in tax accounting or those with previous experience who want to strengthen or expand their knowledge of the principles. The course will offer an explanation of the principles as well as practice problems administered through in-class case studies.


Course Place Date
TA 101 Philadelphia Class at capacity
TA 101 Dallas July 2015
TA 101 Los Angeles October 22, 2015

2nd course: Tax Accounting 201 (TA 201) – Intermediate income tax accounting

Tax Accounting 201 is intended for those with prior education or experience in income tax accounting who want to strengthen and expand their knowledge on additional topics such as business combinations, share-based payments, intra-period tax allocation, outside basis differences, and interim reporting.


Course Place Date
TA 201 San Diego Fall 2015
TA 201 Orange County June 24, 2015
TA 201 Dallas Mid-October 2015

3rd course: Tax Accounting 301 (TA 301) – Advanced income tax accounting

Tax Accounting 301 covers specialized topics for professionals with significant prior experience in income tax accounting. This course covers topics such as contingent consideration in business combinations, investments in foreign subsidiaries, state and foreign income tax provisions, foreign currency, separate financial statements of a subsidiary, intercompany transactions and evaluating changes in estimates and corrections of errors.


Course Place Date
TA 301 Orange County Class at capacity
TA 301 Detroit July 2015
TA 301 Los Angeles October 23, 2015
TA 301 Houston November 2015
TA 301 Dallas December 2015


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