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EY’s Tax Accounting University

The accuracy of income tax accounts and related disclosures in financial statements is still one of the top areas of financial statement material weakness and risk for companies. For your company to have knowledgeable, trained resources in tax accounting is a priority. EY can help. We’ve developed Tax Accounting University (TAU), a training program to provide company tax and accounting department personnel with an education in tax accounting.

TAU courses are taught by EY’s leading national and local office tax accounting professionals in a three-session series:

  • Tax Accounting 101 – The basics of ASC 740
  • Tax Accounting 201 – Intermediate Income Tax Accounting
  • Tax Accounting 301 – Advanced accounting for income taxes

Each class is approximately one day in length and will be offered in a number of US cities throughout the year, based on demand. Generally intended to be completed sequentially, sessions will cover the accounting principles and include practical examples, with intermediate and advanced courses delving deeper into some of the TA101 subjects and introducing new topics as well. Participants can earn CPE credit for each class completed. All classes are complimentary.

Tax Accounting 101

Course Place Date Contact
TA 101 New Jersey (Life Sciences & Healthcare) April 30, 2014 Elizabeth Murphy
TA 101 New York (Retail/Consumer Products) May 20, 2014 Elizabeth Murphy
TA 101 Phoenix May 22, 2014 Susan Renner
TA 101 TEI Detroit Chapter June 4, 2014 Tatyana Rontal
TA 101 Salt Lake City July 16, 2014 Kate Person
TA 101 Atlanta Fall 2014 Michelle Karpinsky
TA 101 Richmond April 30, 2014 Nancy Talmage
TA 101 Dallas June 2014 Chris Prewitt
TA 101 Portland TBD 2014 Angie Hardeman

Tax Accounting 201

Course Place Date Contact
TA 201 New York (Media/Entertainment) May 1, 2014 Elizabeth Murphy
TA 201 McLean Spring 2014 Jessica Neumer
TA 201 Seattle May 6, 2014 Gaylen Matlock
TA 201 Philadelphia May 14, 2014 Danielle Duchamp
TA 201 Northern California May 20, 2014 Jenny Brock
TA 201 San Diego May 21, 2014 Tracy Solis
TA 201 Seattle May 22, 2014 Gaylen Matlock
TA 201 Southern California June 2, 2014 Yoko Van Horn
TA 201 Dallas June 2014 Chris Prewitt


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