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About Parthenon-EY

Parthenon joined Ernst & Young LLP on August 29, 2014. Parthenon-EY is a strategy consultancy, committed to bringing unconventional yet pragmatic thinking together with our clients’ smarts to deliver actionable strategies for real impact in today’s complex business landscape. Innovation has become a necessary ingredient for sustained success. Critical to unlocking opportunities is Parthenon-EY’s ideal balance of strengths – specialized experience with broad executional capabilities – to help you optimize your portfolio of businesses, uncover industry insights to make investment decisions, find effective paths for strategic growth opportunities and make acquisitions more rewarding. Our proven methodologies along with a progressive spirit can deliver intelligent services for our clients, amplify the impact of our strategies and make us the global advisor of choice for business leaders.

Developing investment strategies and assessing viability

Today, leading companies are seeking the most effective ways to grow while optimizing their portfolio of businesses and products.

Companies need to ask themselves: What are the commercial factors (e.g., markets competitors) and how do I get independent strategic advice? What are the most successful ways to grow? Should we grow organically or inorganically? How do we ensure we have the optimal portfolio of business and products? Should we serve new customers and geographies with the same product, or should we expand our product offering? Are we executing on the right deals at the right value to fulfill our strategy?

What we do

We help companies develop strategic objectives to reach their growth goals. We assess market viability, evaluate strategic value drivers and consider the most appropriate strategic opportunities.

We apply a market-based, research-intensive approach to analyze external industry conditions and your existing business.

We work to help you realize the full value of inorganic and organic transactions by identifying opportunities in new markets, explaining synergies between new and existing customer bases and identifying unforeseen sector or deal counterparty opportunities and risks.

We help companies create strategies for long-term growth

  • Growth strategy — develop analyses that identify and assess specific market/geographic opportunities, with perspectives on the best way to grow and optimize capital
  • Market diligence — evaluate the relative attractiveness of a product or geographic market strategies and growth plans
  • Market entry strategy — analyze strategic opportunities and related investment risks in respect to entering a new product or geographic market
  • Investment case/business plan support develop key required investments, as well as the potential value and feasibility of new opportunity or partner
  • Strategic options assessment — analyze and prioritize opportunities, developing long-term strategic plans
  • Portfolio optimization  — evaluate a set of business units or products to determine where decisions should be made around growth, restructuring, or potential divestment
  • Intellectual property (IP) monetization  — evaluate potential market demand for IP and an approach for monetization

We provide insights to help you execute deals that drive competitive advantage

  • Commercial due diligence — evaluate the industry conditions (market dynamics, changing technology and customer requirements) around a potential target
  • M&A strategy — assess potential targets and identify, analyze and prioritize the best mix of transitions that could drive a growth strategy
  • Forecast achievability assessment — using external industry data, test key assumptions of a target’s financial model and develop sensitivities based on external analyses. Sensitize the forecast to provide risk perspective
  • Sell-side preparation — assess market attractiveness and seller’s competitive position; detailed preparation to aid the transaction and diligence process

How you benefit we help you with:

  • Informed perspective on new market opportunities
    • Align growth strategy
    • Choose appropriate market entry
    • Seek attractive targets with sustainable revenue
  • Analysis of opportunity value
    • Forecast changing market landscape and competitive trends and commercial tactics
    • Focus on issues that affect deal value
  • Favorable pricing and financing terms
    • Assess achievability of future cash flows
    • Provide clarity on the value of an investment (deal price, attractive markets)
  • Identification of unforeseen opportunities or landmines
    • Recognize trends leading to opportunities


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