Asset management: achieving a competitive advantage

"Asset managers have challenging times ahead where they will have to leverage the necessary investments made in compliance and risk functions to identify opportunities and support growth" - Chris Sickle, Asset Management Leader

Today’s asset management industry is marked by increased competition, heightened regulatory scrutiny and growing customer demands for more information and greater transparency – all set against the backdrop of a volatile market.

As firms grapple with business issues such as product innovation, evolving fee structures and industry consolidation, they also find themselves needing to devote more time than ever to managing regulatory demands.

Key issues in today's asset management environment include:

  • Eurozone impact

    With the Eurozone hanging on by a shoe-string, and its statud changing on a weekly basis, there continues to be mixed views in the asset management industry. Whilst some managers are waiting for corrections and others expect further growth, the local industry has held up well over the past 18 months. Investors seem to be re-entering the market, albeit in a reserved fashion, through balanced and other products and not pure equities.

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  • Regulatory landscape

    Coupled with the above and the continuing outworking of post-financial crisis regulatory reform, the asset management regulatory landscape has changed significantly over the past year, both locally and internationally. Managers are not only managing money, but more emphasis is now being placed on regulatory and internal control compliance. Recent and forthcoming changes include Regulation 28, CISCA Board Notice 1503 and S13B of the Pension Funds Act.

  • Leveraging investment

    The challenge for asset managers will be to leverage the necessary investments made in compliance and risk functions to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and to support book growth, for example by providing additional assurance to investors.

  • Our credentials
    • Implementation and verification of control environments (front and back office functions) in terms of ISAE 3402
    • Internal audit co-sourcing arrangements
    • Ad hoc projects relating to specialist needs of asset managers

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