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Oil & Gas

Fueling your future in a global economy

“Africa is on an upward growth curve. Resources generally, oil and gas specifically, have played an important role in this growth. It is therefore not surprising that investors are optimistic about the potential for growth in the African oil and gas sector.” - Elias Pungong, Oil & Gas Leader

With rising global energy demand, the oil and gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities across the upstream, midstream, downstream and oilfield services sectors. We help oil and gas companies navigate through the changing regulatory environment, manage risks and optimize performance.

To help seize new opportunities, our 9,200 oil and gas professionals provide guidance on key industry issues, such as:

  • New and emerging market growth

    The rise of emerging markets gives the oil and gas industry a new business perspective. Challenges and opportunities exist in a growing economy, evolving government regulations and increasing competition.

    Whether you have a tight focus on the BRIC countries or want to see the full range of emerging market growth, we provide a global industry perspective.

  • Growth on the continent

    The oil and gas industry has contributed significantly to growth across the continent. While the majority of reserves and production remain concentrated in six countries - Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, Angola (oil), Sudan (oil) and Egypt (gas) - there have been significant new discoveries in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. With prospected fields in other countries, including Sierra Leone, Mali and Kenya.

  • North Africa

    The current political uncertainty in North Africa may have significant implications for the region's oil and gas industry - especially in Algeria and Libya, where industry revenues dominate country's economies. Until the political situation is settled, operations are likely to be constrained and/or disrupted and new investment postponed.

  • West Africa

    Activity in the region has taken off in the last decade, driven particularly by advances in offshore technology. Angola has become one of Africa's leading producers, threatening to overtake the long-time leading producer, Nigeria. With the prominence of the deepwater in the sub region's industry, it is dominated by the super-majors, typically working under joint venture arrangements or through consortia. Nevertheless, there is also growing participation of national oil companies from outside the region and by mid-sized and smaller independents. Local content laws will further increase the participation from smaller regional firms.

  • South and East Africa

    Sudan, now one of Africa's leading producers is faced with the secession of the southern portion of the country and the inevitably controversial management of the oil and gas resources. The sub region is also home to what could be a game-changer for the African oil and gas industry - the deepwater gas prospects off Tanzania and Mozambique.

  • Shale gas

    The shale gas success story in the US has resulted in heightened speculation over the potential for shale gas to transform the industry across Africa. With the spotlight now on Europe, where exploration is underway - local players will be carefully observing considering the reserves we have in the Karoo, its effects on the industry, best practice and the impact of the development processes on public health and the environment.

  • Our credentials
    • Business transformation, tax, transactions, audit, internal audit, technology implementation and supply chain within companies in Nigeria and the new oil and gas province in East Africa around Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique.
    • Consolidation and restructuring in downstream deregulation.
    • Executing key programmes in the upstream oil and gas sector across Africa.
    • Project management and implementation of the gas master plan.

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