Nomination process

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The Entrepreneur Of The Year program assesses finalists in the following categories.

  • Champion (non-competitive at a regional and national level): A leader demonstrating a long-term record of outstanding entrepreneurial achievement.
  • Listed (non-competitive at a regional level): Listed companies across all industries, where the founder (nominee) of the company is actively involved in the business.
  • Industry: Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of products from all industries including (e.g. online or bricks and mortar retailers, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, mining products, utilities such as electricity supply).
  • Services: Entrepreneurs leading service companies (e.g., financial, engineering, architecture, real estate, property, recreation and leisure, education, health, transport).
  • Social (non-competitive at a regional level): Social enterprises that are primarily responsible for delivering activities that benefit the community. This category is made possible by our principal sponsor, Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
  • Technology: Entrepreneurs leading technology, media and telecommunications companies (e.g. technology developers, software, hardware, telecommunications, internet service providers, digital media and biotechnology).
  • Emerging: Entrepreneurs 35 years or younger across all industries OR entrepreneurs running their first significant business venture where the business has either been operating for between two and five years OR entrepreneurs developing alternative/new business models or industries.


A nominee’s company must have been in existence for at least two years at date of close of nominations. Nominations for the 2014 program are now open – register your interest for 2014.

If a nominee has sold the company, this must have taken place after 1 January in the year the nominee is competing.

To be eligible for the Entrepreneur Of The Year program in Australia, you must be either:

  • An owner-manager who is primarily responsible for the recent performance of a privately held business that is at least two years old, or
  • From a listed company:
    •  A founder of the company who is still actively involved in the management of the company or retains a 51% ownership; or 
    • The entrepreneur primarily responsible for the performance of the business for a minimum of the past two years who is also a significant shareholder of the company.