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2016 National finalists: Western Region

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Western Region

EY - Grant and Sharon Grosser, SEQTA SoftwareGrant and Sharon Grosser
SEQTA Software

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With 20 years’ experience in schools, Grant Grosser and his wife Sharon, a fellow teacher, founded SEQTA Software in 2006 out of a desire to support teachers in managing their ever-increasing workloads. Grant and Sharon saw a gap in the market for a user-friendly and interactive software application for teachers, parents and students and administrators. Today, SEQTA Software enables teachers to complete all their administration in a virtual learning environment, with automated data flow and efficient data entry. The company has 75 staff and 430 clients across Australia and Asia. It has recently opened an office in Singapore.

EY - Dr Matthew Lamont, DownUnder GeoSolutionsDr Matthew Lamont
DownUnder GeoSolutions

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Dr Matthew Lamont founded his geophysics service company in 2003 with former PhD student, Troy Thompson. The premise was to develop ground-breaking services to prepare and analyse seismic and well log data. By 2008, they had grown to 45 people and won their first major seismic processing project. Today, DownUnder GeoSolutions provides high-tech geophysical services to explore and develop oil and gas resources. It has six offices globally with over 200 employees. The company’s Insight suite of software is now used by hundreds of geophysicists in over 35 countries. DownUnder GeoSolutions also owns and operates some of the biggest supercomputers in the world.

EY - Andrew Ryan, Insite Commercial InteriorsAndrew Ryan
Insite Commercial Interiors

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Andrew Ryan joined what is now InSite Commercial Interiors Pty Ltd (InSite) in 2005 as a project manager. He became Managing Director in 2013. InSite is a commercial design and construct fitout company, with clients across Australia and overseas, in a range of sectors. Services range from interior design and planning services to construction works and a complete turnkey fitout. InSite also partners in the property sector to refurbish and carry out base build upgrades. InSite’s innovative “total project solution” delivers projects in a shorter time-frame at a competitive cost per square metre. Andrew is planning to double staff numbers and upgrade InSite’s facilities.

EY - Andrew Young and Tony Smith, Plum Grove Pty LtdEY - Andrew Young and Tony Smith, Plum Grove Pty Ltd

Andrew Young and Tony Smith
Plum Grove Pty Ltd

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Andrew Young and Tony Smith both grew up on farms and have a deep understanding of the grain industry. Tony founded Plum Grove Pty Ltd (Plum Grove) in 2003, having developed an innovative wheat pool product. Within five years Plum Grove had accumulated more than one million tonnes of wheat. In 2009 Andrew became a shareholder and worked to attract capital from some of the world’s largest wheat millers. Plum Grove is a Western Australia-based grain accumulation and export business operating in all Australian grain-exporting states. Today, Plum Grove has a team of 71 people and an annual turnover of almost $600 million. Plum Grove operates a successful investment model combining local expertise with Asian food demand. Their mantra is ‘Listen Global, Act Local’.

2016 Social entrepreneur

In recognition of sustained, outstanding entrepreneurial achievement the 2016 Social entrepreneur is:

EY - Dr David Joske, SolarisCare FoundationDr David Joske
SolarisCare Foundation
2016 Western Region Social entrepreneur

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As the head of a world-class haematology department at a Perth hospital, Dr David Joske was motivated to take a more holistic approach to cancer care. He founded SolarisCare in 2001 as a community-based social enterprise to offer support, education and complementary therapies to cancer patients and their families. SolarisCare is staffed primarily by 300 volunteers across four centres. David has established rigorous accreditation for his volunteer therapists and a collaborative research group which continues to provide evidence of an improvement in quality of life following a therapy session. David’s vision is to open more centres in Western Australia and potentially the eastern states.

Champion of Entrepreneurship

In recognition of sustained, outstanding entrepreneurial achievement the Champion of Entrepreneurship is:

EY - Adrian Fini OAMAdrian Fini OAM
2016 Western Region Champion of Entrepreneurship

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Adrian has been involved in the Perth property industry for over 30 years. He is currently Managing Director of the Fini Group and a Director of FJM Property Pty Ltd, a WA based private property and investment company controlling a diverse portfolio of operations spanning hospitality, retail, manufacturing, property development and property investment. Adrian has recently led the restoration project of State Buildings and COMO The Treasury hotel to return a set of beautiful historic buildings back to public use. He is currently working on several new major projects that will add more vibrancy and drive further commerce into the city of Perth. Adrian was awarded an OAM for his contributions to the arts in 2014. He is a current Board member of the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF), the University of Western Australia Business School Board and its New Century Campaign and is also Chair of the Art Gallery of WA Foundation and was recently awarded 2016 Western Australian of the Year.