Meet Camille, Manager, Melbourne

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EY - Camille

About me

I’ve been with EY for over 5 years and I work in the EYC3 team as part of the Advisory practice in the Melbourne office. I’m a Manager and fundamentally my role is to provide outcomes for clients that will enable them to get the most out of the information they use to make decisions.


I completed a Bachelor of Business, Business Information Systems and graduated from RMIT University in 2006. When I started uni, all I wanted to do was to pass my subjects. I had no real idea what I wanted. I went to uni because that’s what was expected of me.

My degree was for 4 years and it was only until my 3rd year during my year-long internship that my degree really started to influence what I wanted to do. My internship gave me access to the real world and an understanding that once I was out of uni, I’d want a career where the work was always changing and challenging.  

Uni gave me the foundations and frameworks to conceptually understand how the technology and best practices fit into the puzzle. However, updating your knowledge and being able to practically apply those learnings is where the fun begins.

Why EYC3?

Working within IT advisory, people assume that you have the solution first and then you try to fit client’s needs around it. However, my true aim is to understand what the client’s strategic business vision is and how technology, data, people and business process changes can achieve that vision.

The people I work with at EY are easy going and hard-working. The people come from different backgrounds and experiences and are always willing to share their knowledge and provide support.

My day

Depending on the project and my role, my day may look like:

  • I’ll spend hours in workshops and interviews throughout the day with clients (ranging from senior management to IT support personnel) trying to understand their current needs, goals and issues.
  • I’ll facilitate workshops between the business end consumers and with the technology development team so that they will each reach an understanding of what is required to be built.
  • I’ll hold daily stand-up meetings with the development team and key business representatives; ensuring the development is tracking against expected outcomes and timelines

I enjoy working at an array of client sites, projects and industries with opportunities to travel interstate.  

My advice to students

Your degree should not dictate where you will end up in your career; it’s simply a foundation for the endless possibilities that you’ll encounter throughout your career.

Nothing ever goes the way you planned - but it’s having the ability to be open to change and the knowledge and learnings from experience to anticipate issues and risks that will be key to your future. Be willing to make changes to overcome them and grow.