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Meet Isabel

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Meet Talent & Reward Manager Isabel, who started as a graduate in 2008.  She has seen her career go from strength to strength having just returned to Sydney from a 2 year secondment with EY London.

EY - Isabel

“What attracted me to apply for a graduate role at EY was the opportunity to work in a large, global professional services firm. I’d had some experience working with a human resources consultancy during my Masters course and had enjoyed the variety of the work and the problem solving aspects.

To me, a lot of the work in Talent & Reward (T&R) is aimed at increasing people engagement and motivation, both through reward and other talent programs. This has benefits not only for individuals, but also for companies in helping to attract, motivate and retain talent.

Life as a T&R manager
As a manager in the T&R practice, it’s my job to manage client projects as well as some internal projects. This involves meeting potential clients to understand their issues, helping to scope our response to the issues identified - such as what support we can provide, how much it will cost and how long it will take. I’ll then work with the project team, typically a Partner and one or two Consultants, to deliver the project.

We try to tailor our advice to the client’s specific needs and business context, while also providing the external view on how the approach aligns with market practice. In addition, since most of our clients are large ASX listed companies, we will often also comment on how shareholders and their advisory groups may respond to a particular remuneration approach, for example, a new incentive structure.

A typical working day
My day usually starts with checking emails and prioritising my work for the day. Today I had a call with a client to discuss a Board report we had recently delivered. In the report, we had provided considerations around the potential remuneration package for a new executive the client was looking at recruiting. Our report provided market remuneration data for the particular role being recruited, as well as other considerations, such as how to structure any sign on bonuses and on-going remuneration.

Teaming at EY
Day to day I’m working with some bright and motivated people, with different skills and backgrounds. The team based approach to consulting is something I really enjoy – it means I can discuss issues and potential solutions to client problems, ensuring I get the best technical input from the team on different aspects of the project, and ultimately the most appropriate solution for the client. 

Useful skills
If someone was to ask me what skills I’ve found most useful in my job, I’d say being able to problem solve and use data to support our advice to clients is key. As I find myself working on multiple projects at once, with different teams and competing deadlines, a key skill is being organised so that I can stay on top of my work to ensure I deliver within client deadlines.”

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