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Today's global financial markets demand international consistency in accounting and auditing standards and approaches. You'll have the challenge of meeting these using a range of resources, enabling you to help our clients navigate – and thrive – in this environment.

Within Audit and Accounting you can work in a variety of different areas, including:

External Audit

EY - External AuditExternal Audit at EY plays a huge role in preserving the integrity of the global business landscape. You can provide peace of mind to our clients by using your analytical skills to give companies, investors and regulators confidence in the validity of financial statements, business-critical information or processes.

Your main aim will be to provide independent verification of our clients' compliance with accounting principles. By doing so, you play an important role in helping businesses accurately reflect their financial picture and, in turn, protecting financial markets.

Learn more about Assurance and what a typical day involves

Financial Accounting Advisory

EY - Financial Accounting AdvisoryAs an assurance professional you'll learn how to deliver relevant business and industry insights, and help non-audit clients focus on issues that matter to them. Through our Financial Accounting Advisory Services, you'll help with many current critical issues, including IFRS conversion support, implementation of new accounting standards and assistance with public offerings.

Organisations need to respond effectively to the risk of fraud, comply with ever-increasing regulation, and take the right approach to business disputes. You’ll be helping our clients develop strategies to pre-empt, manage and resolve the risks of business conflict. You’ll also assist in investigating alleged misconduct, fraud and non-compliance with regulation.

Learn more about what a typical day involves

To get a feel for some of the work we do, please review the following case studies:

Technology insights into risk

Technology insights into risk

What is ‘big data’? Oceania Forensic Technology and Discovery Services Leader, Warren Dunn, explores the concept and how companies can harness data, to manage risk and improve business performance. Watch here.

Climate change and sustainability and its environmental, social and economic impact continue to rise on the agendas of governments and organisations around the world. Organisations not only face regulatory impacts, but also expectations for action from a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, investors, lenders, customers and suppliers.

At EY, we help organisations identify, develop and deliver strategies that address risk and opportunity while measuring their effectiveness. Our national Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) team has grown to more than 90 people and become Australia’s leading advisors in the areas of;

  • Climate change and energy
  • Sustainability advisory and assurance
  • Social impact advisory
  • Health, safety and environment

As a Climate Change and Sustainability professional, you might:

  • Assist clients with greenhouse gas emissions and energy monitoring, reporting and reduction opportunities
  • Contribute to providing independent assurance of a client’s sustainability report by checking the accuracy of reported data and statements in its sustainability report
  • Develop or assess client’s sustainability strategies, sustainability reports and data collection processes
  • Evaluate the environmental and social value of client’s investments in sustainability projects through completing social return on investments
  • Assess clients’ work health, safety and environmental risks and compliance through conducting site audits
  • Gain an understanding of the political, regulatory, market and community drivers related to sustainability and identify how they might impact on a client

“Starting as a graduate in 2014 I was able to become involved in project work almost right away. I have since had the opportunity to work on 10 engagements with a variety of clients and projects. The CCaSS team is so diverse and have such different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

There is a real focus on delivering high quality work to our clients, yet we take the time to get to know each other and enjoy social activities together.

Adaptability is key in working in CCaSS. In a busy week I may have to juggle 2 to 3 varied projects at once from greenhouse gas auditing, workplace health and safety or sustainability advisory. On a quieter week I may focus on market research, business development or skills training.

I chose to work at EY because of the benefits I could receive from its’ global networks, world class training and the impact I would be able to have on diverse clients working towards sustainability.”

Cassandra, Melbourne

Want to know more about what it’s like being part of our Assurance team? Then meet some of our people or learn about daily life and where your career could lead:

Begin your career in Assurance


EY - Michael believes“I’ve had such a wide range of experience in Assurance, working with many clients spanning across the retail, technology and energy sectors. You take a deep dive into a business to find out what makes it tick.”

Michael believes you can gain the skills to do whatever you want in your career

EY - Lizke“Before I started in Assurance I must admit that I had the perception that I would just be sitting at a desk all day looking at numbers. I was so mistaken! Since I started, I’ve worked everywhere from Geelong to Sydney, in sectors from manufacturing to entertainment.”
Lizke, Assurance

What would my day be like in Audit and Accounting?

Our Audit professionals examine a company's financial statements and attest their reliability. This includes getting to know the business and assessing processes/controls used to produce the financial statement. It also involves understanding business drivers, associated risks and their potential effect on financial statement accounts. Our audit professionals also contribute to advisory projects. For example, they help clients convert from local GAAP to IFRS, and assist with due diligence on transactions.

You might:

  • Work on a variety of clients from small business to multinational corporations
  • Contribute to the understanding of the business and its associated risks
  • Learn about the key financial processes
  • Contribute to reports and schedules the team will deliver to clients and third parties
  • Attend meetings with key contacts at the clients where we share our main findings
  • Liaise with clients to obtain the information and explanations needed to support your team's audit opinion
  • Receive on-the-job coaching and mentoring from experienced members of the firm
  • Shadow and assist partners in high level client meetings such as Audit Committees
  • Help a start-up company navigate the reporting requirements of the initial public offering (IPO) process
  • Help clients implement new accounting and regulatory standards
  • Help clients improve their financial communications

What industry sectors can I work within in Audit and Accounting?

 Our audit professionals work within various industry sectors.

Assurance professionals working in our Financial Services Office team work with some of Australia's best-known banks, and insurance and wealth management companies. In today's highly regulated environment, banks and other financial services organisations face increasingly complex challenges. Every day brings new demands to manage risk, achieve operational excellence and satisfy the divergent interests of shareholders, regulators and customers.

Our Property Infrastructure and Care professionals provide Assurance services to the property, provider care, construction and transport industries, and to the public sector.

Our Retail, Consumer and Industrial Products specialists provide Assurance services to some of Australia's – and the world's – leading product marketers and manufacturers. As a member of the team, you're likely to work with clients in all states of Australia, and you may travel interstate to client sites.

Our Strategic Growth Markets team is responsible for auditing typically fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies. Many of our Strategic Growth Markets clients are looking to list on the Australian Stock Exchange, or have recently gone public.

Our Mining, Energy & Utilities professionals use their specialist knowledge and technical capabilities to benefit clients working in this fast-growing and highly competitive sector.

Our Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction team works with professionals in the industry and organisations that occupy and invest in property, as well as those in the hospitality and construction sectors.

Our Technology, Communications & Entertainment practice is the market leader in professional services for the media industry, and also provides expert services to entertainment and communications companies. Our professionals offer clients across these industries a clear understanding of opportunities, complexities and commercial realities — wherever in the world they're operating.

What would my day be like in Climate Change and Sustainability?

Our Climate Change and Sustainability professionals help clients with environmental issues and corporate responsibility reporting. This includes providing climate change services such as assurance on greenhouse inventories and carbon credits, and providing sustainability risk and market services such as product accreditations.

You might:

  • Perform benchmarking against current leading practice and emerging global trends
  • Review the processes put in place by the client regarding climate change and sustainability
  • Contribute to assurance over integrity of corporate responsibility data
  • Assist with financial modelling and structuring for renewable energy clients
  • Perform tests to provide sustainability assurance and contribute to client reports
  • Gain an understanding of the political, regulatory, market and community drivers related to sustainability and identify how they might impact on a client

What would my day be like in Financial Accounting Advisory?

Our Financial Accounting Advisory professionals apply their skills on a range of advisory projects. For example, they help organisations to convert from GAAP reporting to IFRS and assist with due diligence on transactions. They also help clients to improve their financial reporting.

You might:

  • Participate in major advisory projects where accounting or financial reporting skills are needed
  • Participate in due diligence or integration projects, working alongside transaction professionals to support clients who wish to buy, sell or integrate companies
  • Contribute to a team that helps clients prepare for IPOs and other public offerings
  • Work as part of a team that develops new approaches to help clients comply with new accounting or financial reporting regulations

What would my day be like in Fraud Investigations & Disputes?

Our Fraud Investigation and Dispute professionals help clients deal with the complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes that could otherwise detract from client efforts to achieve their company's potential. They draw on knowledge of fraud assessment, monitoring and prevention to identify issues that need addressing. This service is about helping organisations manage fraud risk more effectively and treat it as a critical business priority.

You might:

  • Meet with company executives to understand their process around identifying and mitigating fraud-related risks
  • Review policies and procedures and perform and document risk assessments
  • Contribute to forensic due diligence and audit support
  • Contribute to expert witness reports, including the review, analysis and verification of evidence
  • Liaise with litigation teams and other legal professionals
  • Learn about complex statistical analysis and modelling tools
  • Use social network analysis and complex data-matching technology to de-construct a financial fraud or theft of intellectual property
  • Review financial data and other documents, including emails, in the context of an internal investigation or corruption-related matter

What would my day be like in Financial Services Office?

Our Financial Services Office professionals are a provider of assurance, services to the banking and capital markets, asset management and insurance industry within financial services.

Regardless of the practice you join, you'll also gain experience and exposure across our various industry segments. In our Banking & Capital Markets segment, you may work with some of the world's largest banking institutions, regional and community banks, or serve investment banks, broker-dealers or other market participants. In Asset Management, you could be involved with one of our many global pooled investment clients, including hedge funds, private equity funds and mutual funds. In Insurance, you might work with life/health insurers, property/casualty insurers, reinsurers, brokers or managed care organisations.

You might:

  • Gain extensive knowledge of regulatory reporting requirements in order to assess your client's documentation of complex technical issues, such as share-based compensation, pension accounting and business combinations
  • Assist a major investment bank with improving its processes for assessing and managing enterprise risks
  • Work with a major insurer to evaluate the profitability and cross-marketing potential of its offerings across a range of customer segments
  • Recommend product pricing for a managed care provider

What generic business skills would I acquire in my first few years?

 You'll acquire general skills and knowledge such as:

  • Client relationship skills
  • Organisational and self-management skills
  • Teamworking and coaching skills
  • Communication skills, including report writing, questioning and basic presentation skills
  • Research and analysis skills, including how to verify, challenge and interpret information used to create financial statements or other business data

What assurance-specific skills would I acquire in my first few years?

 You'll acquire the following assurance-specific skills and knowledge:

  • Familiarity with IFRS and local GAAP and local regulatory requirements
  • An in-depth understanding of auditing and internal controls, including how to document processes and test controls that are in place
  • Understanding of how IT impacts processes and the ability to identify when to involve colleagues from IT Risk and Assurance
  • Comprehension of the significance of the Financial Statement Close Process on assurance engagements
  • Knowledge of financial performance and measurement concepts relating to reviewing business plans, analytical reviews and the valuation and testing of financial instruments
  • The ability to determine when to involve advisors from other service lines in the team, and the skill to interpret their findings and conclusions in order to deliver value to the client
  • Familiarity with fraud risks and methods for preventing them
  • Familiarity with local requirements regarding climate change and sustainability

What opportunities would Assurance Services open up?

 You could:

  • Pursue a particular industry within Assurance Services and develop your reputation as a key advisor in that field
  • Take responsibility for supervising a team
  • Take a leadership role on our largest accounts, acting as a point of contact between our client and the wider global organisation of EY Work with a variety of audit clients and non-audit clients across different industries
  • Explore opportunities to work on overseas with our network of firms worldwide
  • Develop niche advisory skills in accounting and financial reporting, fraud investigation or climate change and sustainability
  • Make a major contribution to the development of our people through training, coaching or recruitment