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Financial Services Briefing - Issue 1, 2014

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Asset Management

EY - Global ETF Survey: a new era of growth and innovation(Jan 2014, Global)

Global ETF survey: a new era of growth and innovation

Our ETF survey now covers US, European and Asia-Pacific markets, and finds exchange-traded funds are outgrowing the wider asset management industry in every region.

EY - Superannuation investment in infrastructure: Steps to further efficiency(Jan 2014, Australia)

Superannuation investment in infrastructure: steps to further efficiency

Super funds are willing to invest more in infrastructure projects where they deliver an appropriate risk weighted return for fund members. Read more.

EY - Asia-Pacific private equity outlook 2014(Jan 2014, Asia-Pacific)

Asia-Pacific private equity outlook 2014

The Asia-Pacific private equity market is robust, and survey respondents expect it to stay strong in the coming year as opportunities abound and credit remains ample.

Banking & Capital Markets

EY - Key themes from Q4 2013 earnings calls(Mar 2014, Global)

Key themes from Q4 2013 earnings calls

Earnings calls in Q4 2013 were characterized by a tone of cautious, yet growing, optimism. In general, firms said they are well-positioned for growth in 2014.

EY - Transforming banks, redefining banking: Global Banking Outlook 2014-15(Jan 2014, Global)

Transforming banks, redefining banking: Global Banking Outlook 2014-15

Our Global banking outlook 2014-15 identifies five unstoppable forces remaking the industry and four responses banks are using to manage the changes.

EY - Future directions for foreign banks in China(Jan 2014, China)

Future directions for foreign banks in China

With significant initiatives such as Renminbi internationalisation and opening up the capital account, foreign banks in China are on the cusp of a new era.

EY - World Islamic Banking Competitiveness Survey 2013-14(Dec 2013, Global)

World Islamic banking competitiveness survey 2013-14

Find out about the six rapid-growth markets that will be the driving forces behind the next big wave in the rapid growth of Islamic finance.

EY - Staying on course: Canadian banking outlook 2014(Jan 2014, Canada)

Staying on course: Canadian banking outlook 2014

Success in 2014 will be defined by a bank’s ability to respond to current market forces and to position itself for continued growth in the marketplace. Learn more.


EY - 2014 Global insurance outlook(Feb 2014, Global)

2014 Global insurance outlook

As the global insurance industry emerges from a period of economic uncertainty, what lies ahead in 2014? We explore in our latest Global insurance outlook.

EY - 2014 Asia-Pacific insurance outlook(Jan 2014, Asia-Pacific)

2014 Asia-Pacific insurance outlook

Changes in the insurance industry will present new challenges and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. We explore how insurers can achieve profitable growth in 2014.

EY - The Bancassurance Bulletin January - November 2013(Nov 2013, United Kingdom)

The bancassurance bulletin: January - November 2013

Focuses on the challenges affecting the UK bancassurance industry and includes an interview with Ian Martin, HSBC Insurance CEO.