Financial Services Briefing - Issue 1, 2013

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(Feb 2013, Global)
  Global Regulatory Network briefing - Regulatory landscape for banks: latest developments on the use of internal models
The Basel Committee’s review of risk-weighted assets hints at potential regulation related to internal models, and the direction of the regulatory risk-weighting regime more broadly.

(Dec 2012, Global)
  Basel III: Fundamental trading book review - Summary of the consultative document
A long-awaited review of trading book rules has finally begun and will address shortcomings in trading book design and market risk regulatory capital regime. For more on Basel, capital & liquidity click here for our dedicated Global regulatory reform site.

(Oct 2012, Global)
  Basel III & liquidity: going all the way
Industry experts discuss the implications of Basel capital and liquidity requirements for the banking sector.

See also our webcast.
(Sep 2012, Global)

(Dec 2012, Global)
  IFRS Insights - Data, systems and processes: IFRS 4 Phase II and Solvency II Pillar 3
We explore the latest considerations for insurers around IFRS 4 Phase II, Solvency II and Pillar 3.

(Oct 2012, EMEIA)
  European Solvency II Survey
Our survey of the European insurance industry reports slow but steady movement toward compliance. See which countries are best prepared – and which are falling behind. For more on Solvency II, see our dedicated Solvency II microsite.

(Dec 2012. EMEIA)
  Eurozone – Outlook for financial services – Winter 2012
What do Eurozone developments mean for your financial services organization and the wider industry? Read our Winter 2012/13 forecast. To access our general Eurozone forecast – Winter 2012, please click here.


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