The future of Sydney - Optimise for today? Build for tomorrow?

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When you take a ten-year lease on new city offices, it sparks a conversation about how and where people will live and work in the next decade.

Are CBD towers still relevant in a digitally-connected world? Will more people work from home in the future – and will this truly be more productive?

When you’re choosing a location, you have to make a call on the effect of increased urbanisation ten years down the track. You question the future evolution of public transport services. And you wonder what could be done to make your city more resilient – to function well, not just in normal times, but to withstand adverse shocks.

Our decision to move our EY Sydney office to 200 George Street gave us an opportunity to support a sustainably-built environment by choosing a building with outstanding green credentials. It allowed us to better support our people in working flexibly, by creating an activity-based office space.

At EY, we believe business has to do more than make a profit. It should also aim to drive social and environmental change.

Smarter cities, urbanisation and the future of work

More than a hundred business leaders joined us in a conversation about the future of Sydney and urbanisation in general. This paper provides a snapshot of our current thinking on some of their most commonly posed questions. We hope it prompts you to start new conversations with your colleagues and stakeholders.

Your most frequently asked questions:

  • Are CBD towers still relevant in a digitally connected world?
  • What more needs to be done to make Sydney a truly global city?
  • How can we build sustainable infrastructure to keep pace with population growth?
  • What can we do to address housing affordability?
  • How do we build loyalty in the face of increased staff turnover?
  • How can we make business leadership more culturally and gender diverse to match Sydney’s population?

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The future of Sydney. Optimise for today? Build for tomorrow?

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EY - The future of Sydney - Optimise for today? Build for tomorrow?

The future of Sydney - Optimise for today? Build for tomorrow?

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