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Government and public sector transport services

Vital to Australia’s growth and development, transport continually faces pressing challenges given our vast land distances, our distance from the world and our large urban environments.

EY works with our public sector clients to improve transport efficiency and customer experience and to enable future development in the face of the increasing capacity and financial constraints.

Leveraging diversity and inclusiveness, EY's transport specialist team consists of skilled individuals with experience across both the passenger and freight sectors. We can help you with all aspects of:

  • Public transport by heavy rail, light rail, taxi and bus
  • Rail freight
  • Road freight
  • Port and airports operations and efficiency
  • End to end supply chain
  • Cycling and walking

EY is registered on all the major advisory panels in each State covering our large range of services. EY is also an active participant in transport industry forums and a member of the Transport Reform Network.

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Transport Leader Oceania
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