Who’s driving your workforce mobility?


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Diversity and inclusiveness is a key consideration

As recently highlighted in the New York Times, Facebook is demanding, not only that women and ethnic minorities make up at least 33% of all legal teams working on its account, but also that law firms, “actively identify and create clear and measurable leadership opportunities for women and minorities.” Additionally, HP Inc. has apparently implemented a “diversity holdback” mandate where they will withhold 10% of fees to law firms who do not live up to HP’s D&I standards.

With other large clients likely to follow suit, law firms need to reassess their talent management strategy. This will not only require a fresh approach to D&I more broadly but a focus on how mobility can attract, retain and progress diverse talent within the organisation. Mobility offers a short term way to change the D&I makeup of any given team, and is part of a longer term solution to attracting and retaining a broader range of talent.