• A closer look at the new leases standard

    IFRS 16 Leases was issued by the IASB earlier this year and significantly changes the accounting for leases by lessees.

  • IFRS Update 31 December 2016

    See our overview of new IFRS pronouncements issued as at 31 December 2016 and an update on IASB projects and IFRS IC agenda decisions.

  • IFRS adopted by the European Union

    An overview of the status of the EU endorsement process for IFRS at 31 December 2016 with an EU effective date after 1 January 2017.

  • Good Insurance 2016

    This edition contains illustrative consolidated financial statements of Good Insurance (International) Limited for the period ending 31 December 2016.

  • New income recognition requirements for Not-for-Profits

    The Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) has released AASB 1058 Income of Not-for-Profit Entities and AASB 2016-8 Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards – Australian Implementation Guidance for Not-for-Profit Entities that may change when Not-for-Profit (NFP) entities recognise certain types of income.

  • Insurance Accounting Alert - November 2016

    The IASB set 1 January 2021 as the effective date of IFRS 17, with early adoption permitted if entities apply IFRS 9 and IFRS 15.

  • Endeavour (International) Limited

    Download EY’s annual illustrative financial report for Australian companies, applicable for 31 December 2016 and 30 June 2017 year ends.

  • Good Bank (International) Limited October 2016

    This edition contains the illustrative consolidated financial statements for Good Bank (International) Limited for the year ended 31 December 2016.

  • IFRS 16 Leases for mining and metals entities

    Learn more about IFRS 16 Leases, which significantly changes accounting for mining and metals lessees, requiring them to recognise most leases on their balance sheets.

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