Big data privacy in Australia

Tips to help shape your future capability

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When building your big data analytics capability, you must consider privacy, information security and data sovereignty as core design elements in your solution.

With multiple jurisdictions and therefore varying requirements, global organisations must have a solution that will work within local guidelines but can be aggregated up for a more granular view of customers, suppliers and staff.

Key points when developing a privacy compliant big data capability:

  • Understand your jurisdictions and cross-border obligations
  • Constantly train and educate your people
  • Secure the data at a granular level
  • Assess the impact on privacy and security

Consider a privacy impact assessment (PIA) to establish areas of concern within your organisation including:

  • De-identification
  • Whether you will be recreating personal files with big data analytics
  • How personal information will be collected and whether notices have been provided correctly and relevant consent obtained
  • What personal information is needed and its purpose

Undertaking an information security risk assessment may also identify the steps required to protect personal information within your organisation.