Big data privacy in Australia

Understanding your obligations and developing a solution for the future

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There is a glut of misinformation and hysteria surrounding big data, privacy, information security and data sovereignty; much of it from ill-informed sources.

As with any business issue, big data and privacy must be managed and the risks mitigated but the payoffs are significant and, in our experience, worth the investment.

In Australia, the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) regulate how entities handle sensitive and personal information, specifically how they must disclose, handle, hold, access, use and correct sensitive and personal information. It is, therefore, vital for organisations to understand their legal and ethical obligations.

The questions to ask

On the path to protection and compliance, organisations need to address these questions:

  • How well does your staff know their obligations?
  • Who owns the big data information used by your organisation?
  • Is there actual or implied consent to use any sensitive and/or personal information?
  • Do you understand how the big data is stored and what it is used for?
  • Is the big data being used in your organisation accurate and up to date?
  • How does your organisation use big data and do these uses create any privacy issues?