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Productivity Pulse: key findings


Productivity Pulse: the wellbeing dividend


Productivity Pulse: animation of latest statistics

Despite some key differences in the attitudes towards organisations, the overall productivity profiles and wastage of public and private workers is similar.

Public sector workers are more likely to take extended sick leave, with one in five (21%) taking more than one week sick leave (versus only 11% for private sector workers).

Poor communication about productivity

Workers rated public sector organisations as worse than the private sector at communicating about productivity. Only 43% of public sector workers said productivity communication was ‘very good’ or ‘quite good’, compared with 52% in the private sector. Therefore there’s an opportunity to boost communication around productivity which will lift engagement, understanding and productivity outcomes.

Who is responsible for improving productivity?

Overall, only 5% of Australia’s workers believe the government is responsible for improving productivity. However, among public sector workers, this percentage increases to 18%.

Top three actions suggested by public sector workers to improve productivity in their organisation

  • Improve employer communication on productivity
  • Eliminate ‘management layers’
  • Improve computer hardware

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