Tax agenda 2013

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Welcome to the September issue of the Tax Agenda.

This Tax Agenda brings together our thoughts and views about the changing tax landscape and what it means for your business and personal tax agenda. For your convenience, this is presented in a web-based format and contains links to selected client communications from EY in Australia and globally.

Our second e-newsletter for 2013 is published at a time of widespread change. The current political and economic uncertainty is compounded by the unpredictability of Australia’s tax system. The ensuing ambiguity is affecting business confidence, business investment and Australia’s international reputation. Following the outcome of the Federal Election, improving the tax system must be a top priority for the incoming Government.

In this Tax Agenda we discuss this and other key developments which you need to consider.

Within the Tax landscape, we explore why improving the policy process should be the first tax priority for the incoming government and give an update on the new ATO public disclosure powers.

The Business tax section covers a range of topics including the attributes of leading tax functions; the latest developments in indirect tax management; proposals to combat international profit shifting; the tax treatment of exploration costs; and the treatment of unbilled income.

The Human capital section explores how companies are managing and retaining top young talent and the emerging trend of offering short term international assignments.

The Private clients section examines why death and taxes must be a consideration when developing overseas business and investment structures. To discuss these and any other tax issues please contact your EY team.

Craig Robson
Craig Robson
Oceania Tax Leader
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