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Doing business in Asia-Pacific When expanding operations across Asia-Pacific, careful consideration of key HR payroll and immigration matters at the outset is the most effective way of ensuring the most optimal structure for businesses and employees in new markets. 201704018 May 2017
Chevron unsuccessful in Full Federal Court appeal relating to borrowing from related party – Broad implications for related party arrangements On 21 April 2017 the Full Federal Court (Court) delivered its judgement rejecting an appeal in a significant transfer pricing case involving an Australian subsidiary and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). 2017042727 April 2017
Australian proposals for changes to REIT and infrastructure stapled structures Australian Treasury consultation paper with impacts on the real estate and infrastructure segments. 2017033131 March 2017
Australia passes Diverted Profits Tax and Penalties law The Australian government has updated its Diverted Profits Tax and Penalties law to include changes to updated transfer guidelines and increased penalties. 2017033030 March 2017
Transfer Pricing, permanent establishment and interest limitation changes announced View New Zealand tax developments affecting your business in our March 2017 edition of Tax Watch. 2017031414 March 2017
Tax change in the USA: major impact for Australian policy makers and business leaders Donald Trump has promised change and major tax reform is a top priority. View key issues that should be considered by Australian policy makers and business leaders. 2017022828 February 2017
Australian GST on ‘low value’ imports from 1 July 2017 – legislation now introduced The treatment of the importation of low value goods valued at less than AU$1,000 (LVG) for Australian GST has been contentious for many years. 2017022222 February 2017
ATO Taxpayer Alerts warn of incorrect R&D claims related to specific industries or activities The ATO has released four Taxpayer Alerts (TAs) concerning the R&D Tax Incentive program highlighting certain arrangements they are seeing in the market which they do not agree with. 2017022121 February 2017
Australia's Diverted Profits Tax Bill: includes updated transfer pricing guidelines and increased penalties Australian and multinational significant global entities will be affected by a Bill introduced into Parliament on 9 February 2017. 2017021010 February 2017
ATO Draft Privatisation and Infrastructure Tax Framework The ATO has released a draft “Privatisation and Infrastructure - Australian Federal Tax Framework” document to various stakeholders. 2017021010 February 2017
Papua New Guinea: taxation amendments 2017 Amending legislation was recently introduced to clarify and correct unintended consequences resulting from the previous amendments. 2017021010 February 2017
ATO Expands its Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide The ATO’s expansion of its Tax Risk Management and Governance Review Guide reflects the current spotlight on Tax Corporate Governance. 201702022 February 2017
EY fuel tax update From 1 February 2017 the rate of excise duty and excise-equivalent customs import duty payable on liquid fuels will increase to $0.401 per litre. 201702011 February 2017
ATO Taxpayer Alert targets profit shifting using trusts and companies which are stapled or associated The ATO has targeted a series of arrangements where linked company and trust structures are used, whether stapled or not, in certain businesses. 2017013131 January 2017
Australian Tax Office guide for offshore hub entities The ATO released a Practical Compliance Guide that sets out the ATO compliance approach to transfer pricing issues related to centralised operating models. 2017012323 January 2017
Australia’s plans to adopt the BEPS Multilateral Instrument to change tax treaties Australia’s Treasury released a consultation paper outlining its approach to amend existing double tax agreements. 2016121919 December 2016
New Australia-Germany Tax Treaty enters into force This Tax Alert summarises the key provisions of the Revised Treaty and the Protocol. 7 December 2016
Australia’s Diverted Profits Tax - Draft Law, affecting many multinational businesses Many multinational businesses will be affected by the proposed Australian Diverted Profits Tax set out in the Exposure issued by the Government. 2 December 2016
Australian GST on ‘low value’ imports from 1 July 2017 The GST treatment of the importation of low value goods led to various reviews but the Government is now ready to legislate the ‘destination principle’. 30 November 2016
Lower non-resident withholding taxes for Australian managed funds? Treasury consultation paper A Treasury discussion paper was released on 3 November 2016 seeking input on how Australia’s non-resident withholding tax (NRWT) rules apply to Australia’s CIVs. 4 November 2016
Prepare for ATO scrutiny on integrity of R&D claims We outline some ATO focus areas, potential queries and relevant considerations in managing those risks. 28 October 2016
Tax Alert: Superannuation tax reform bills introduced into Parliament After public consultation during September and October 2016 on the three tranches of exposure draft (ED) materials, three Superannuation tax reform bills were introduced into Parliament on 9 November 2016. 2016101011 November 2016
Prepare for ATO scrutiny on integrity of R&D claims The ATO is focusing its attention on the integrity of the R&D tax incentive program and, in particular, claims made by all small to medium enterprises (SMEs). We outline some ATO focus areas, potential queries that may arise from the ATO and relevant considerations in managing those risks. 2016101028 October 2016
Tax reform of Australia’s superannuation continues Rollout of Australia’s super tax changes sees further Exposure Draft (ED) legislation in September and consultation in October. 2016101010 October 2016
Tax Reform of Australia’s Superannuation System After much uncertainty in the lead up to and immediately following the recent Federal election, the Government has now commenced the formal process to design and implement the superannuation tax reform package which it announced as part of the Budget on 3 May 2016. 201609077 September 2016
ATO agreed upon procedure is imminent The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is expected to soon release an agreed upon procedure (AUP) review guide. Read more in our latest report. 2016071010 July 2016
Oil and Gas Tax Alert - July 2016 EY Tax Alert available on new non-final 10% withholding tax that may impact direct and indirect acquisitions of Australian real property from foreign residents. 201606035 July 2016
New Transfer Pricing guidance a game changer The 2016 Australian Federal Budget announcement to implement the changed OECD transfer pricing guidelines (CTPG) with application from 1 July 2016 requires immediate attention. The CTPG implements BEPS Actions 8-10 aligning transfer pricing outcomes with the value chain and provide guidance on what are considered to be high risk related party dealings. 201606033 June 2016
Wine Producer Rebate Reduced and Tightened On 3 May 2016, the Government announced plans to reduce the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) producer rebate and tighten eligibility rules. On 6 May 2016, the Assistant Treasurer released more details about consultation on implementation of these changes. 201606022 June 2016
ATO releases final Australian Local File requirements for CBCR BEPS On 24 May 2016, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) released the final high level design for the Australian LF as part of Australia’s implementation of Country by Country Reporting (CBCR). Australia has legislated CBCR adoption, under the international base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) Action 13. The Australian LF release affects large multinational businesses and for some the reporting period has already started. 2016052727 May 2016
At last: Attribution managed investment trust regime passed by Parliament The passage of Bills through Parliament on 4 May 2016 to implement Australia’s ‘Attribution Managed Investment Trust’ (AMIT) regime heralds a new era for Australia’s managed funds industry. 201605044 May 2016
Multinational businesses and tax - Australian Taxpayer Alerts on four structuring issues On 26 April, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) issued 4 Taxpayer Alerts (TAs) in relation to practices being undertaken by certain multinational businesses (MNEs) where it has concerns about the tax outcomes being sought. 2016042828 April 2016
EY Law Privacy & Security Update: March 2016 For some time we have seen a growing number of Federal Government agency data matching programs and increasing community privacy concerns being raised as a result. This culminated in specific laws for data matching using Tax File Numbers and mandatory guidelines for data matching using certain health information (DM Rules) being introduced. 2016032323 March 2016
Australian innovation tax incentives for venture capital Australian venture capital investors and other investors will welcome a tax Bill introduced on 16 March 2016, to implement previously announced significant changes to venture capital investment in both mature and early stage companies. 2016031616 March 2016
ATO audits of intra-group arrangements: are you ready? The ATO has steadily been increasing their review and audit activity of multinational organisations, including relationships and interactions of global group members and as a result there is much scrutiny of cross-border intra-group arrangements. 2016020529 February 2016
GST cross-border supplies of digital products and services: redrawing the boundaries for B2B and B2C Australia is joining many other countries in addressing the integrity of their tax systems, in an endeavour to tax private consumption of digital products and services purchased from non-resident suppliers. 2016022929 February 2016
EY Law Privacy & Security Update: February 2016 This Update features coverage of the following: Key aspects of the ‘HW’ and Freelancer determination confirming the basics of Australian privacy law, our concerns with the AAT’s decision overturning the Privacy Commissioner’s Ben Grubb and Telstra determination and a reminder on the draft mandatory breach notification law. 2016022424 February 2016
Australian tax issues for your 2016 planning After New Year celebrations, businesses and investors are moving on their plans for the year ahead. These are affected by the changing Australian and global tax environment for businesses and investors. We identify some key tax issues to help in your planning for business and investment strategies, and wealth planning. 201602055 February 2016
EY Law Privacy & Security Update: December 2015 Much has been written, particularly in the US and the EU, about the recent landmark European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision involving Facebook and the fifteen year old “Safe Harbor” arrangement between the US and EU. For an overview of the case, the repercussions from it and the new guidelines issued by EY Data Protection Authorities, please see the Safe Harbor Update from our European colleagues. 201512099 December 2015
Federal Government Innovation Agenda includes important tax concessions The Australian Government released its Innovation Agenda with far reaching policy changes in four areas – Culture and Capital, Collaboration, Talent and Skills and Government to operate as a role model for innovation strategies. 201512077 December 2015
New tax system for managed investment trusts: It’s time to start detailed planning A series of Bills to implement Australia’s ‘attribution MIT’ (AMIT) regime were introduced into Parliament on 3 December 2015 and the ATO released 10 draft guidance papers on various administration and interpretative elements of the proposed law. 201512033 December 2015
Australian Bill for MAAL, CbC reporting and increased penalties passed, with wider ATO public reporting Australia’s Senate passed the tax Bill to implement multinational anti-avoidance law to apply to foreign multinationals generating certain profits earned from Australia without an Australian permanent establishment along with amendments requiring private company tax data to be disclosed by the ATO with wide-ranging impact requiring action by multinationals. 201512033 December 2015
EY Law Privacy & Security Update: November 2015 In July 2015 the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) issued its “Information Paper on Outsourcing Involving Shared Computing Services (including Cloud)” which affects all regulated entities using (or wishing to use) shared computing services (including cloud) and takes one back five years to a time when fear of cloud computing was the norm. 201511055 November 2015
New ATO guidance on exploration deductions The ATO has released a long-awaited draft taxation ruling (TR 2015/D4) to provide principle-based guidance on what constitutes exploration for income tax purposes and the application of income tax deduction rules to exploration expenditure. 201511055 November 2015
EY Law Privacy & Security Update: October 2015 The first IAPP - EY Annual Privacy Governance Report 2015 surveys privacy governance and the role of privacy officers across countries, sectors, enterprises/government agencies large and small and within both regulated and unregulated industries. 2015101919 October 2015
Australian multinational anti avoidance law, country by country reporting and increased penalties These changes may require some global groups to adjust their supply chains and will also have a significant impact on tax compliance strategies for larger affected companies. 2015091616 September 2015
The Ashley Madison hacking scandal The Ashley Madison hacking scandal has Australians considering what personal information Australian Government agencies and the private sector actually collect and hold on them and whether they do so legally. 2015091414 September 2015
Cross border supply of goods and services to Australia – the game has changed These developments are part of a global trend. The aim is to extend GST to all goods and services consumed in Australia or New Zealand that are supplied by non-resident businesses with no presence in those countries. 2015091111 September 2015
Final Element of Investment Manager Regime resolves Australian tax uncertainties for foreign funds The final ‘Element 3’ of the Australian Investment Manager Regime (IMR) law (IMR3) will provide sought after certainty for foreign investors investing into Australia. 2015072312 August 2015
Country-by-Country reporting and increased penalties under new Australian law Draft law implementing BEPS Action Plan Item 13, and increasing potential penalties. 201507237 August 2015
Tax Alert - ATO Guidance on Transfer Pricing ATO signals it is open for business with a revamped program which confirms Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs) are an important mechanism for multinational groups to reduce the potential risk of double taxation and penalties. 2015072323 July 2015
Tax Alert - ATO circles in on property developers The ATO has announced it will be taking a tough stance on segments of the construction and property development industry by proactively managing taxpayers’ tax liabilities. 2015072222 July 2015
Tax Alert - Tax Corporate Governance: New ATO requirements Newly released ATO guidelines for tax corporate governance reflect the regulator’s intensified interest in tax risk management and put pressure on corporate taxpayers to actively manage tax risk and assure themselves they have robust processes in place. 2015072020 July 2015
Tax Alert - Australian enhanced third party reporting for pre-filling and data matching: Exposure draft law New third party reporting to the ATO will impact a broad range of financial services clients, as well as government entities. 2015071313 July 2015
Tax Alert - Foreign investment in Australian real estate – changes in July Tighter foreign investment rules for agricultural and residential real estate and draft law for 10% withholding tax on purchases from foreign residents released. 2015071010 July 2015
Tax Alert - ATO says new transfer pricing rules provide a different lens for examining cross-border transactions Following a 1 July 2015 Senate hearing the ATO says new transfer pricing rules provide a different lens for examining cross-border transactions. 201507077 July 2015
Tax Alert - Tax consolidation asset tax cost setting integrity changes: Draft law On 28 April 2015, the Government released long awaited exposure draft law (draft law) for public consultation on various tax consolidation measures, most of which were previously announced on 14 May 2013 (2013 Budget), following recommendations from the Board of Taxation. 2015042828 April 2015
Tax Agenda 2015 Are you a tax professional? Visit EY’s 2015 Tax Agenda for the latest insights, commentary and news in your industry. 2015041616 April 2015
Tax Alert - New tax system for managed investment trusts: Exposure draft law The ED has wide-ranging proposals that will fundamentally change the way certain qualifying MITs – referred to as “attribution MITs” are taxed. 201504099 April 2015
Tax Alert - Australia’s tax reform process commences: time to ‘re:think’ The Australian Government released, on 30 March 2015, a discussion paper entitled “Re:think” with 66 questions for comment by 1 June 2015 to start the national conversation on future directions for Australia’s tax system. 2015033030 March 2015
Tax Discussion Paper: NFP tax concessions under review again On 30 March 2015 the Government released a 202 page Tax Discussion Paper. The discussion paper (DP) is wide ranging and has 66 deliberately open questions covering a broad spectrum of tax issues. Tax concessions provided to the not-forprofit(NFP) sector are clearly back on the Government’s agenda given that Chapter 7 of the DP is devoted solely to the NFP sector. 2015033030 March 2015
Australia’s Investment Manager exemption: Revised draft law including element 3 to start soon On 12 March 2015, Treasury released for consultation draft law implementing Element 3 of the Investment Manager Regime (IMR3) exemption for certain widely held foreign funds and their investors. 2015032020 March 2015
Tax relief for farm-in and other arrangements adversely impacted by recent exploration deduction changes: Draft law released The Australian Government recently released Exposure Draft legislation (‘draft law’), which when enacted, will provide tax relief for taxpayers entering into farm-in, farm-out and interest realignment arrangements in relation to mining, quarrying and prospecting rights, that would otherwise be adversely impacted by recently enacted changes to exploration deductions. 2015011919 January 2015
Tax Transparency and Proactive Engagement Corporate transparency and accountability have been hot topics in the public debate on corporate tax responsibility. Proactive engagement or security through obscurity can help you manage reputational risk. 201411033 November 2014
The Tax Agenda The Tax Agenda explores challenges, identifies potential risks and shares industry specific insights to help tax professionals effectively execute their role. 2014103030 October 2014
Thin capitalisation, s23AJ exemption replacement and non-resident CGT changes passed – imminent Royal Assent trigger may require action. Australian Parliament passes changes on thin capitalisation rules, to rewrite the exemption for foreign non-portfolio dividends received by Australian companies and to amend the foreign resident CGT concession rules. 2014092525 September 2014
Meeting of G20 Finance Ministers on tax issues and EY Sydney meeting with Pascal Saint-Amans The G20 meeting produced a final communique focused on the themes of Australia's G20 year, notably growth, infrastructure and financial stability. 2014091522 September 2014
OECD BEPS papers including proposals for new reporting and documentation Our panel of tax professionals from around the world reviews the new reporting mechanisms and the potential implications for multinational businesses. 2014091519 September 2014
Seizing the tax opportunity in Oceania Our corporate tax function survey helps you to understand your relative position in the current tax function landscape and the future state towards which tax functions are headed. 2014091519 September 2014
Tax Alert: Mining Tax Repeal Enacted Australian Government announces intention to repeal Minerals Resource Rent Tax from 1 October 2014. Related measures amended or repealed from various start dates. 2014091515 September 2014
Tax Alert: Tax Risk Management New ATO protocols for accessing corporate board advice on tax compliance risk provide an important safeguard to the broad access powers available to the Commissioner. 2014091010 September 2014
Tax Corporate Governance, Boards and ATO access protocols Refreshed ATO protocols for accessing corporate board advice on tax compliance risk provide an important safeguard to the Commissioner’s access powers - if you have good Tax Corporate Governance. 20140704August 2014
Tax Bills affect international financing and structuring Exemption changes will affect financing and treasury positions for businesses operating internationally and structuring of foreign investments held by Australian companies. 2014070417 July 2014
ATO announces crackdown on self managed super funds Booming growth in the uptake of SMSFs has made the ATO nervous about compliance and misuse. Recent law changes will give the ATO new powers to impose penalties on infringements by SMSFs. 201407044 July 2014
ATO's Project DO IT - Voluntary Disclosure of Offshore Income The ATO’s Project DO IT provides eligible taxpayers the opportunity to voluntarily disclose unreported foreign income and assets before these are identified by ATO activity. 201407022 July 2014
Tax Alert - New financial year priorities 1 July 2014, the new financial year, is a strategic opportunity for businesses and individuals to consider priority issues arising from the year just ended. 201407011 July 2014
Tax Reform: A better way Australia’s tax system is failing. Read on for our EY’s three key recommendations to create and implement sustainable tax reform. 2014061717 June 2014
Queensland Budget 2014-15 Brief The 2014-15 Queensland State Budget is a “no surprises” budget focused on continuing fiscal repair by controlling government expenditure, and reducing the State’s gross debt. 201406044 June 2014
Open Tax Announcements and Reviews Listing - May 2014 This listing, prepared by EY, seeks to identify the many tax changes announced and initiated by the Australian Federal Government ,which have not been legislated. 2014051212 May 2014
Commissioner wins first Promoter Penalties case In Ludekens, the Commissioner has succeeded in appealing the Federal Court’s first instance decision on the promoter penalties regime. What does this mean for you? 201405022 May 2014
Navigating a strategic path through your tax function In an increasingly competitive business environment, the tax function is critical. Our April issue of Tax Agenda provides insights, commentary and news for tax professionals. 2014043030 April 2014
EY Tax Policy Submission Enhancing ATO powers to cover gaps in the tax law, concessionally to the benefit of taxpayers, using extra statutory concessions or concessional legislative instruments. 2014041717 April 2014
New draft transfer pricing ATO guidance represents ATO’s first documented view on the new transfer pricing laws Two new draft transfer pricing Taxation Rulings and new two draft Practice Statements represent the ATO’s first documented view on the new transfer pricing laws. 2014041717 April 2014
Open Tax Announcements and Reviews Listing - March 2014 This listing, prepared by EY, seeks to identify the many tax changes announced and initiated by the Australian Federal Government which have not been legislated. 2014032121 March 2014
Private client services Learn about our personal financial services offering including: domestic and cross border tax planning, estate planning, asset protection, and philanthropic planning. 2014031414 March 2014
2014 Executive Board Remuneration executive summary This report contains analyses of executive remuneration and Board fee quantum and policy information for the 100 largest companies in the S&P/ ASX200 Index (Top 100 companies). 2014031212 March 2014
Investing in Australia Thinking about investing in or moving to Australia? Learn about key tax and immigration considerations and how EY can help. 201403099 March 2014
Commissioner targets online banking platforms The ATO has started reviews of foreign inbound banks as part of a broader crackdown on BEPS. How does the new Industry Scoping Review affect you? 2014022424 February 2014
Government resolves backlog on unlegislated tax measures Businesses need to factor into their forward planning the Australian Government further announcement on the backlog of tax measures. 2013121717 December 2013
Australia's plan for tax announcements backlog Australia’s government to resolve backlog of 92 tax announced measures and 64 will be consulted on by 1 December 2013. EY can advocate for you. 201311066 November 2013
EY listing of announced but unlegislated tax reform measures, including Coalition election promises This listing seeks to identify the many tax changes announced and initiated by the current or previous Australian Federal governments which have not been legislated. 201311011 November 2013
EY listing of announced but unlegislated tax reform measures This listing, prepared by EY, seeks to identify the many tax changes announced and initiated by the Australian Federal Government which have not been legislated. 2013101111 October 2013
Asia Region Funds Passport Pilot: Opportunities for Australian asset managers and diversification Australia, Korea, Singapore and New Zealand have signed an ‘Asia Region Funds Passport’ enabling a multilaterally agreed regulatory framework for cross-border issue of funds. 2013092626 September 2013
Labour market testing The Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Act 2013, and an array of legislative instruments and new migration regulations came into effect on 1 July 2013. 201306244 July 2013
Visa charges increase: every user pays New visa pricing arrangements are proposed for Australia’s immigration program commencing 1 July, 2013. Learn more here. 2013062626 June 2013
New visa for offshore resources activities proposed and expansion of citizenship by Ministerial discretion The Australian government has introduced legislation to amend the Migration act to extend the definition of the migration zone and introduce a new visa pathway. 2013062424 June 2013
Oil and Gas Update: Impact of ‘Exploration’ case and ‘Esso’ PRRT law changes AAT decision considering meaning of ‘exploration’, and introduction of the 'Esso Amendments' which will have potentially material compliance and financial reporting impacts. Learn more. 2013061212 June 2013
ATO reporting of companies’ taxes – actions for business Recent developments demonstrate how crucial it is for management and boards to understand reasons for their organisation’s tax profile and the impact of public reporting. 201306033 June 2013
QLD Budget 2013-14 Brief Ernst & Young have analysed the 2013 Queensland Budget papers and provided insights in to what the reforms may mean for Queensland business. 2013052727 May 2013
Multinational businesses - financing impact of 2013 Australian Budget Following the Australian Budget, multinational businesses with Australian operations have a large analysis and refinancing task ahead. Read our summary of the key measures. 2013052222 May 2013
2013 - 14 Federal Budget Brief The Government says the Budget will support jobs and growth, but some of its proposed changes may have the opposite effect. Look behind the rhetoric. 2013051515 May 2013
2013 Asia-Pacific R&D incentives Our 2013 edition has been updated to include Japan, as well as highlighting some significant developments in Singapore. Keep abreast of R&D changes here. 2013042410 May 2013
The Tax Agenda In 2013, we are continuing to see business operating at different speeds in Australia. The Tax Agenda examines what the changing tax landscape means for your business and personal tax agenda. 2013042424 April 2013
Human capital carve-out study: strategies for success In our latest study, we highlight trends and leading practices that can help companies use divestments to raise, optimize and preserve capital. Learn more. 2013042222 April 2013
Tax loss incentive for some infrastructure projects A new tax incentive will preserve the economic value of losses for certain designated infrastructure projects. Exposure draft law sets out the proposed rules. 2013041919 April 2013
How super? On Friday 5 April 2013 the Gillard Government announced proposed reforms to make the superannuation system “fairer”. Learn how the changes affect higher wealth individuals. 2013041111 April 2013
New visas for short-term work, business travellers and visitors A new visitor visa framework commenced on 23 March 2013, under which business visitors are not permitted to work in Australia. Learn more. 201304044 April 2013
Removal of capital gains tax discount for temporary residents and non-residents The Government has released for consultation exposure draft legislation and explanatory materials relating to the 8 May 2012 announcement on the capital gains tax discount. 2013031818 March 2013
Tax determination on reasonable food and drink amounts released The ATO has released TD 2013/14 outlining the reasonable food amounts that will apply from 1 April 2013 under the recently enacted LAFH legislation. 2013031818 March 2013
A review of Australia’s new anti-avoidance rules The Australian Government has re-engineered the transfer pricing law for international business transactions and adjusted the general antiavoidance rule (Part IVA, Australia’s GAAR). Read more. 20130304March 2013
Getting on with business - tax agenda for 2013 The tax agenda and priorities are clear following the announced 14 September election date and several major tax initiatives. Find out more about what businesses need to consider while the remaining tax agenda continues to evolve. 2013021313 February 2013
Global indirect tax developments: the shift in 2013 How will the detailed changes in indirect taxation affect your business operations? See updates in more than 100 countries worldwide. 20130228February 2013
Major changes to Australian Transfer Pricing rules This Exposure draft was released on 22 November 2012 to replace Australia's transfer pricing domestic tax rules and introduce significant self assessment and documentation requirements. 201212077 December 2012
Global M&A Tax Trends Survey Report 2012 Our third annual report on tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions is based on responses from 150 tax directors across 14 major markets. 2012100926 October 2012
No Australian company tax rate cut from Business Tax Working Group process Australia's Business Tax Working Group released its draft final report. We explain its significance for ongoing business tax reform and the actions business should consider. 2012100926 October 2012
Qantas 'promise' subject to GST On 2 October 2012, the High Court of Australia found that Qantas' promise to do its best to carry passengers constitutes a taxable supply for GST purposes. 201210099 October 2012
Possible corporate tax rate cuts in Australia The recently released BTWG paper discusses potential lower corporate tax rates and associated funding options. Submissions should be considered to assist in identifying policy. 2012053124 August 2012
Will the ATO be reviewing your tax returns this year? This paper examines which taxpayers can expect a review and specific ATO focus areas for SMEs and wealthy individuals for the 2012/13 financial year. 2012053122 August 2012
The wait is over - Australia’s new transfer pricing rules passed We examine the impact of the new transfer pricing legislation which has the potential to substantially impact taxpayers' past, present and future transfer pricing positions. 2012053121 August 2012
Potential cash back opportunity for SMEs conducting R&D in Australia The introduction of the R&D Tax Incentive has created significant funding opportunity for SMEs conducting R&D. Discover key opportunities, qualifying activities and how to apply. 2012053113 August 2012
2012 global transfer pricing tax authority survey Tax authorities are increasing their transfer pricing staffing and the documentation burden is growing. Learn more about these trends and others in our global survey. 201205318 August 2012
Indirect tax changes impacting your business A number of indirect changes took effect from 1 July 2012. This Tax Insight provides you a summary of the key changes and action items for affected businesses. 2012053130 July 2012
Tax bills - obligations and opportunities for your business Tax bills introduced into Parliament on 24 May 2012 will result in significant changes across a range of business issues. We outline those key changes. 2012053131 May 2012
Tax consolidation: time for business to take action On 18 April 2012, an exposure draft of the law to implement changes to the tax consolidation rules was released. Learn the impact on tax consolidated groups. 201111019 May 2012
Potential cash back opportunity for companies conducting R&D in Australia The introduction of the R&D Tax Incentive from 1 July 2011 has created a significant funding opportunity for companies conducting R&D. Discover the key changes. 201111018 May 2012
International Estate and Inheritance Tax Guide 2012 This guide summarizes the estate tax planning systems and also describes wealth transfer planning considerations in 27 jurisdictions. 201111015 May 2012
Indirect tax in 2012 A review of global indirect tax developments and issues.

2011110126 April 2012
Australian shipping reforms gather momentum New tax incentives for the shipping industry that are expected to be effective on 1 July 2012 and provide important opportunities for consideration. 2011110112 April 2012
PRRT - decisions and obligations ahead On 19 March 2012, the extensions of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT) legislation were passed by the Senate, read our summary. 2011110129 March 2012
MRRT - decisions and obligations ahead In order to be MRRT ready, our tax insight sets out the key decisions you need to make and explores your future obligations. 2011110121 March 2012
Managing tax in a changing environment At this time of significant tax changes, engaging with government has never been more important. We identify responses that business leaders and boards should consider. 2011110120 March 2012
Transfer pricing - get ready, the changes have started... This Transfer Pricing Insight examines the proposed reforms as they currently apply to taxpayers and what actions businesses should take in response. 2011110119 March 2012
Fuel tax reference guide We explore the impact of the carbon pricing mechanism, the ability for companies to opt-in, as well as an overview of ATO compliance activity. 2011110114 March 2012
2011-2012 Tax risk and controversy survey Converging trends have created the riskiest environment for tax controversy the world has experienced in years. Is your organization ready to manage these new risks? 2011110120 February 2012
Queensland to impose duty on mining exploration permits and authorities Queensland exploration permits and authorities will now be subject to stamp duty. Read our brief explanation of this change and how it will impact companies. 2011110114 February 2012
2012 Executive and Board Remuneration Report Draws on our experience advising almost two-thirds of the ASX 200 companies in the last two years with analysis of executive and board remuneration practices. 2011120112 February 2012

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Converging trends have created the riskiest environment for tax controversy the world has experienced in years. Is your organization ready to manage these new risks?