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Assisting our clients, encouraging sustainable entrepreneurship

How can we support our clients in their journey towards sustainable entrepreneurship and, as a result, towards a sustainable economy?  Corporate Responsibility allows us to enlarge our scope from companies’ financial results towards the added value they create. We can help our clients achieve long term sustainable growth by combining our knowledge regarding Corporate Responsibility with our key expertise in the fields of – for instance - reporting, internal control, risk management and strategic information management. It is essential to create a balance between financial and non-financial performance.


Climate Change and Sustainability Services

We are aware of the current and future dilemmas regarding economic, environmental and social issues. Our high-quality Corporate Responsibility services allow us to help our clients transform these risks and challenges into opportunities and to evaluate the quality of their Corporate Responsibility reports through our assurance engagements. Our aim is to support our clients in their journey towards sustainable entrepreneurship in the evolving context of sustainable economic, ecological and social development, by rendering Climate Change and Sustainability Services.


Thought Leadership

In order to move towards a more sustainable economy it is important to gain knowledge on how transparency of financial and non-financial performance is organized and to show the link between them. EY is specialized in providing integrated reporting.
We believe that organizations should try not to separate Corporate Responsibility (non-financial aspects) from financial aspects. Therefore those who believe Corporate Responsibility plays a key role in their corporate strategy integrate both. We are active in several leading commissions that improve transparency regarding financial and sustainable policies, management and performance. Examples are our active participation and chairmanship in the ‘Award for Best Belgian Sustainability Report’ in Belgium, as well as our participation in the Global Reporting Initiative and in the United Nations’ reporting group. Furthermore, we support the Prince of Wales Accounting for Sustainability project which has recently founded, in collaboration with the GRI, the International Integrated Reporting Committee.

Through research we aim to enhance our clients’ awareness of the opportunities arising from sustainability.

In order to share knowledge, trends, ideas and social changes with our clients and stakeholders, we actively participate in meetings and conferences. For instance, we regularly organize workshops, events and conferences to enhance knowledge sharing regarding sustainability themes such as “Reporting for Change – Sustainability reporting as a key driver for change” or electric vehicles and the transformation of current business models.

We believe it is crucial for students to gain practical experience°; combining science with practice enhances the quality of education. Therefore our people are offered the opportunity to participate in the academic world. In Belgium for example, EY acts as Prime Foundation Partner of the Impulse Centre Growth Management for Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. In this context we carry out research and organize workshops on growth management. In addition, we are partner of Vlerick Alumni.
EY encourages its professionals to participate in various leading think tanks and commissions, as well as in initiatives and frames that allow us to develop our expertise. Not only our own firm, but also our sector and the society as a whole can benefit from this approach.

Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

Working with entrepreneurs and guiding them offers us a deep understanding of the important role they play in creating employment and transforming communities and industries. Entrepreneurs also prove to be extremely inventive, both in good times and in adversity. In order to celebrate entrepreneurship, EY organizes the Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award  in fifty countries all over the world.


EY Belgium is member of various CSR-networks, such as UN Global Compact BelgiumKauriBusiness & Society Belgium and Belsif.