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Developing our people and offering a healthy, diverse and flexible work environment

Our people are at the heart of our organization as the quality of our work is based on their professionalism, personality, competence, values and integrity. More and more, they wish to get the opportunity to make a difference in the world. We help them develop their career. This allows them to achieve their full potential, on a social, emotional and professional level. We launched and carried out various initiatives that give an important impulse to attain this ambition.

Learning and development

Our business prospers if we allow our people to achieve their potential. To guarantee this, we developed a program that helps them to improve their performance and to boost their personal and career development. This program comprises formal learning (developing the necessary skills, knowledge and competences) and coaching. To accelerate their development, we offer our people the opportunity to work in different departments and offices throughout our organization.
Corporate Responsibility plays an increasing role in Learning & Development. For the next years, we commit ourselves to structurally include CR in our program.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Diversity - in the largest sense of the word – is important for the quality within our organization. It is essential to reflect society and our clients in our people. We identified gender and cultural diversity as our two priorities. In the next years, we will also invest in developing diversity in other areas, such as sexual inclination, disability and religion.
Despite the smaller number of women on the higher management levels, our firm is largely gender balanced. In 2011, the overall proportion of male to female professionals within EY Belgium was 56% to 44%. The average age of our professionals is 32 years.

Vitality and the ‘New World of Work’

We strive to maintain a positive corporate culture. This mainly involves providing good working conditions, such as flexible work arrangements and the vitality program “Fit4theJob”.

New World of Work
Flexible work arrangements allow us to increase the motivation of our professionals, improve their work-life balance, reduce stress, enhance performance and productivity and reduce our environmental impact. We offer various flexible work arrangements; comprising part-time work, free time such as study time and career interruptions, flexible working hours – and various mobility solutions such as free Railease passes for public transport to avoid stress due to traffic jams or electric fleet cars for short work-to-work journeys.

Vitality: Fit4theJob
Our ambition is to create a healthy, dynamic and safe work environment. We launched a vitality program, Fit4theJob, open to all our professionals. The program consists of a health questionnaire, a checkup, training sessions and workshops on topics such as sleep, physical exercise, nutrition and relaxation. Participants can access a portal providing information, measuring instruments and health experts’ support.
Meanwhile, around 400 professionals have already participated in the Belgian Fit4theJob program by attending what we call Energy Intakes, sessions during which their energy level is measured and workshops or trainings on energy, relaxation and nutrition are provided.

Employee Engagement

We have various organized channels that allow us to respond to our professionals’ needs and expectations.

Works Council
The consultation meetings in Belgium are fixed by law and consist of a) the Works Council and b) the Committee for Prevention and Protection at the workplace.
The Works Council has following competences:

  1. Collecting information. This allows our professionals to gain an insight into the functioning of EY.
  2. Gaining advice to enable informed decision-making.
  3. Supervising. The Works Council mainly ensures compliance with the social legislation and employment contracts.
  4. Taking decisions on well defined matters (for instance labor regulations).

The Committee for Prevention and Protection at the workplace has the same four competences regarding safety, health and well-being at the workplace.

Social elections take place every four years. Everyone can put himself up as a candidate for the elections through a recognized labor union. At this moment, nine people are elected, three of which representing executives and six representing employees. There are also three substitute members. The meetings take place every third Tuesday of the month. The personnel reports of every meeting can be consulted on the Belgian Portal under Useful tools.

Global People Survey
We attach great importance to our open and value-based culture. Every two years, we conduct the Global People Survey (GPS) in order to measure the commitment of our people. Our Leadership Team and all our partners make it a top priority to accurately respond to these GPS results. They are discussed with our professionals and task force groups were created to come up with ideas and a set of positive actions.
Almost all our professionals are satisfied with their job and the majority of them are genuinely proud to work for EY. Although our communication and commitment regarding strategy and leadership are open to some improvement, we see that the results for corporate responsibility are getting better every year: our people believe we have well communicated on our environmental impact and our improvement initiatives regarding this matter.

Corporate Responsibility employee get-together
In the autumn of 2011, we organized the first Corporate Responsibility Get-Together. This initiative aims to involve our professionals in and to inform them about our actions and plans regarding sustainability.