EY rejuvenates and feminises: 6 new partners

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Brussels, 18 July 12th 2012 – This year, EY Belgium appointed 6 new partners, all employees who have grown within the organization. Among them are two women. For years, EY has implemented a policy aimed at offering its own employees interesting career growth opportunities that lead to top positions within the company. With this wave of internal appointments, words are put into action and a new and younger generation is offered an opportunity to participate in determining the future of the company. In addition, EY is continually seeking both recent graduates with a legal, financial or economic background and experienced profiles with specific expertise.

This most recent wave of appointments brings the number of partners at EY Belgium to 72 and strengthens its commitment to further rejuvenation and feminisation at the top. The new partners already have a long service record within the company and have grown through EY Belgium.

"At EY Belgium, we are delighted with these new internal appointments. Our own people, who know the company and its clients through and through, are well placed to continue building the future of EY. We offer young people a place where they can develop their talents and are provided both national and international opportunities. It remains our ambition to become the leading advisor in the Belgian business market. To realize this ambition in a competitive and changing environment, we must continue to achieve sustainable and high quality growth. With this in mind, we also plan to recruit 300 people so we can serve our clients even better in the long run. Moreover, we are always investigating new opportunities as they present themselves," explains Managing Partner Rudi Braes.

Worldwide, as many as 548 new partners were recently appointed, reflecting the positive global results the company achieved last year.

6 new members in various departments

Geraldine Tack (B. 1976) – Tax department
Geraldine Tack studied Economics with a specialisation in Fiscal Sciences and began her career as an auditor and tax consultant. In 2004 she obtained an additional Master's degree in accounting and corporate finance. She has been with EY since 2005 and has gained nearly 12 years of experience in tax planning, accounting processes and consulting services. Since 2005, she is also a certified tax consultant. She was appointed as a partner in the EY Tax Consultants department.

Nathalie Van Hoorebeek (B. 1970) – Accounting department
Nathalie Van HooreBeek is appointed as a partner in the EY Accountants department. After completing her studies in Financial and Commercial Sciences at the Cooremans Institute, she began her career at EY in 1993 where she specialised in accounting, tax and HR management. For a short period, she worked at Novoste Europe and Hewlett Packard Belgium as a financial manager and a financial specialist respectively. In 2005 she earned an additional Master's degree in "Tax Management" from the Solvay Business School. Since 2007 she has been a Director in EY Accountants, responsible for the implementation of the HR business plan.

Jo Bellens (B. 1975) – Tax department
Jo Bellens is appointed as a partner in the "Human Capital" department of EY Tax Consultants. He has been with EY for his entire career. After graduating as a Commercial Engineer in 1999 with a specialization in Tax Law, he began his career within the "Global Employment Solutions" department to which he was appointed senior manager in 2006. He specialises in tax consulting and has developed extensive expertise on Belgian legislation regarding stock options.

Stijn Vanoppen (B. 1975) – Financial Services department
Stijn Vanoppen studied Law at the KULeuven and earned a Master of Laws in Tax at the London School of Economics (LSE). He has 12 years of taxation experience and specialises in banking, insurance, tax management and tax aspects of financial products, insurance products and investment funds. In 2009 he obtained his Ph. D. in Law and he lectures at the Fiscal College, HUBrussel and the European Tax College. He is appointed as a partner at EY in the "Financial Services" department.

Nick Van Gils (B. 1976) – Tax department
Nick Van Gils is appointed as a partner within the "transaction" department of EY Tax Consultants. He has been with EY Belgium since 2001. He studied Economics at Ghent University and holds a Master's degree from the Vlerick School of Management. At EY, his specialisations include tax effective restructuring of multinational corporations, fiscal support with mergers and acquisitions and real estate projects. Since 2005, he has also been a certified tax consultant.

Paul Eelen (B. 1975) – Audit department
Paul Eelen graduated as a Commercial Engineer from the Antwerp Business School and has worked at EY since 1999. After spending 18 months abroad in the Washington DC office, he has worked in many departments within EY Belgium, specialising in audits. He is appointed as a partner within EY Bedrijfsrevisoren / Réviseurs d’entreprises.