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Getting connected and working with eAccounting is as simple as can be!

Within the concept of eAccounting, you have the option to perform (part of) the bookkeeping services of your company in-house using the user-friendly accounting software (ProAcc) which is kept on a remote server within a highly secured environment, or you can consider (temporarily) outsourcing all bookkeeping services to EY Accountants by retaining on-line access and full control over the financial data of your company.

No intensive training1 on the use of eAccounting is needed, and no specific software needs to be purchased – a simple Internet connection2 will do.

Click here to enter eAccounting 3

1 However, a basic training on the use of the accounting software of 2 to 4 hours is recommended.
2 by preference a high bandwidth connection (ADSL, cable, …)

3 Exclusively for authorised and registered users