Rio 2016

Our Credentials

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Worldwide, we have wide experience in providing advisory services for mega sports events that include:

XV Pan American Games - Rio 2007

We provided project management support to all levels of activities of the General Rio 2007 Plan. Between 2005 and 2007, we provided assistance regarding control of activities and systematic monitoring of activities of the General Rio 2007 Plan, including preparation and reporting of:

  • IMA – Monthly Project Progress Report
  • IEP – Executive Project Report
  • Advisory for design and implementation of the planning methodology of the functional areas, generating performance reports for the executive management;
  • Assistance in the implementation of the project management tool
  • Monitoring of the General Rio 2007 Plan progress, with information on whether the project deadlines were met in a consistent and integrated manner.

Brazilian Olympic Committee - COB

We worked with COB is a series of projects, including continuous development of business plans for the Swimming Arena and the Velodrome, analysis of economic and social impact of the Pan American Games of Rio de Janeiro, and Pan 2007 management support.

Brazilian Government Organizations

We worked with various government organizations in Brazil. This engagement includes a number of strategic, economic-financial and business studies with the Federal Government, Rio de Janeiro State Government and Rio de Janeiro Local Government.

Vancouver 2010 – VANOC

EY was the external auditor for VANOC.

Delhi 2010 Games

For past years, we have assisted the Organizing Committee of the Delhi 2010 Games in the analysis, review and delivery of the General Operating Plan. The work performed included:

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