• R&D investment execution

    R&D spending is crucial to innovation, but investments often fail to deliver. In this study, we look at how businesses can improve their investment execution.

  • Automotive transactions and trends 1H16

    Digital disruption and innovation are driving the automotive M&A environment. Find out more in our latest global review of automotive transactions and trends.

  • Making India a world class automotive manufacturing hub

    This EY and Confederation of Indian Industry study looks at the steps India must take to realize the huge potential of its automotive industry.

  • Urban mobility redefined: Twitter chat

    On 15 December, our A&T leaders will host an Urban mobility redefined Twitter chat (#EYAutoChat) to answer questions about mobility sharing, connected vehicles and more.

  • Automotive transactions and trends 1H15

    Anticipation of transactions has never been higher in the automotive sector. Find out why in EY’s global automotive M&A review.

  • M&A leads to growth in automotive sector

    M&A is back as an essential mechanism for generating long-term value in the automotive sector, according to our latest Capital Confidence Barometer.

  • Transações e tendências no setor automotivo

    Neste relatório, observamos as fusões e aquisições ocorridas no mercado automotivo mundial, referente ao segundo trimestre de 2014 e destacamos as possíveis mudanças.

  • Barômetro de Confiança no Capital Automotivo

    Executivos do setor automotivo tendem com frequência para uma pauta favorável a investimentos. Saiba mais na nossa sétima edição do Barômetro de Confiança no Capital Automotivo.

  • Pulso Empresarial do Setor Automotivo

    Com economias em crescimento, a classe média em expansão e baixas taxas de penetração de veículos, os mercados emergentes são a principal fonte de crescimento para a indústria automotiva global de hoje.

Automotive & Transportation

Driving transformation in a fast-moving world

Across the world, people’s ability to move safely and efficiently from point A to point B impacts their degree of opportunity for a better, more productive life. The automotive and transportation sector enables people everywhere to access family and friends, employment, education, health care and entertainment.

EY’s Automotive & Transportation Sector delivers purpose-led, transformative solutions to help our clients improve the movement of people and goods around the world. We build a better working world by teaming with public and private companies throughout the sector to:


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