Emerging Leaders Program

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Your passport to achieving success

Taking part in one of our local Emerging Leaders Programs will give you the opportunity to explore your potential as a leader through a one- to three-day course at an EY office or a nearby location. The program is specifically designed for students at least two years from graduation who are studying accounting and/or business and have an interest in professional services.

During the program, we’ll introduce you to the EY culture, people and practices that drive our success. And by participating in group activities, discussions and training, you’ll build your leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

The Emerging Leaders Program takes place from May to August and the application process varies by location. Therefore, we encourage you to contact your university career services center or speak to your EY campus recruiter for more information.

Emerging Leaders Summit

US Capitol Building We invite all eligible candidates to interview for their local summer Emerging Leaders Program. In doing so, you’ll also be considered to attend our inaugural Emerging Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. Learn more about this exciting event.