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Our restructuring professionals work with organizations that are underperforming or suffering some level of distress. They help clients understand what’s gone wrong, improve liquidity, and evaluate and implement options that will restore profitability and improve returns to their stakeholders. You’ll gain experience of working with a variety of businesses across a range of sectors, developing the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful advisor in this challenging area.

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What would my day be like in Restructuring?

As part of this team, you might:

  • Review the immediate cash requirements of a business and evaluate when facilities may be breached
  • Review historical financial performance information to assess what went wrong
  • Plan and prepare for shareholder meetings for the voluntary liquidation of a company
  • Compile data around accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory management processes
  • Work within an insolvent company to collect assets and pay liabilities in accordance with legislation and contractual arrangements
  • Help a business to trade while in insolvency to achieve best value for assets and preserve viable parts of the business
  • Identify opportunities for improving working capital and reducing the debt needs of a business

What skills and knowledge would I acquire in my first few years?

You’ll acquire skills and knowledge, such as:

  • An understanding of how cash moves around a business
  • An understanding of the characteristics of businesses in distress
  • Research and analysis techniques
  • How to interpret integrated financial statements and operational information to understand the workings of a business
  • The ability to report clearly on factual information in support of a hypothesis
  • How to deal with a variety of stakeholders from businesses in distress
  • Familiarity with the legislative environment impacting insolvent businesses
  • Communication and teamworking skills

What opportunities would Restructuring open up?

You could:

  • Use your experience and technical skills to lead restructuring teams
  • Focus on a particular industry and develop your reputation as a key advisor in that sector
  • Acquire project management skills
  • Work internationally on cross-border transactions
  • Work in another one of our offices worldwide
  • Take a client secondment to develop your commercial skills and build the client relationship