Transaction Support

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Our transaction support professionals analyze financial and operational data and meet with executives at companies targeted for sale to identify issues. Based on their findings, they prepare advice for clients in the form of written reports and presentations. This helps stakeholders to make informed decisions about proposed transactions. You’ll be working with other colleagues delivering a multidisciplinary integrated service to both private equity and corporate clients. Transaction Support will build your knowledge of industries and give you experience of supporting clients’ corporate development efforts.

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What would my day be like in Transaction Support?

As part of this team, you might:

  • Analyze the historical performance of companies targeted for sale by researching financial information and meeting with management teams
  • Analyze prospective financial information and forecasts and challenge assumptions, while also identifying any areas of concern that could present future risks to an acquiring business
  • Help prepare due diligence reports that may be shared with various stakeholders including clients and their lending institutions
  • Collaborate with colleagues from other advisory disciplines to deliver an integrated service that helps clients make informed strategic decisions

What skills would I acquire in my first few years?

You’ll acquire skills and knowledge, such as:

  • Strong analytical and research skills, honed from interpreting and analyzing financial and operational information
  • Deep understanding of different businesses, including how they operate and what drives them
  • Clear communication and presentation skills
  • Teamworking skills through involvement in multidisciplinary teams, sometimes including colleagues from other international offices
  • Project management skills including organization, time management and problem-solving

What opportunities would Transaction Support open up?

You could:

  • Use your transaction experience and technical skills to lead transaction teams
  • Work internationally on cross-border deals
  • Focus on a particular sector, or a particular client, and develop your reputation as a key transaction advisor
  • Broaden your transaction skills by joining one of our other transaction teams
  • Build a resume of experiences that will be attractive in any future endeavor