Guiding an industry in transition

Amid significant global regulatory reform, banks and securities firms are faced with numerous challenges and sweeping changes. How should banks' operating models evolve? Where are the greatest opportunities for growth? What is the most effective way to raise and manage capital?

These are some of the questions banks are wrestling with as they seek to comply with new regulations while meeting the expectations of customers and shareholders for service, transparency and return-on-investment.

We provide guidance in these key areas:

  • Financial regulatory reform

    Global financial regulatory reform is daunting in its breadth and complexity. Our global network of advisory professionals offers an integration of regulatory and technical skills that sets us apart in advising and helping clients to achieve compliance and growth.

    View our Global Financial Regulatory Reform site.

  • Banking risk management

    Risk management has taken on a new level of importance. Get up to speed on risk control practices and regulatory requirements.

  • Governance in banks

    Who's responsible for setting risk appetite? What role does the board play? Find out how risk governance at banks is evolving.

  • Banking performance improvement

    Who's responsible for setting risk appetite? What role does the board play? Find out how risk governance at banks is evolving.

  • Bank reporting

    Heightened levels of professional skepticism and executive involvement are needed in today's environment.

  • Growth in banking

    With tightened margins and an uncertain landscape, where will banks turn for new growth? We point out the progress and pitfalls of redefining their business.

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