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Power and utilities transaction advisory services

The Capital Agenda

The most pressing issue in the boardroom of our power and utilities clients currently and for the foreseeable future is the availability of capital to fund future investment. The Capital Agenda  increases our relevance to our clients and the C-Suite because we have put our clients’ agenda at the heart of our strategy. By positioning our existing services around the key elements of the Capital Agenda – Raising, Investing, Optimizing and Preserving Capital – we have aligned ourselves to our clients’ agenda and their most pressing needs. Click here to access the P&U capital Agenda.

Our Canadian network of transaction advisory professionals dedicated to the industry provides you with seamless service, no matter where you are in the world.

Doing the right deal right can make a utilities business more competitive and profitable – and help it grow more quickly

Clients turn to our transactions advisory services professionals for advice and support throughout a transaction’s life cycle, from early-stage, to execution and post-deal activities. Whether your transaction involves acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures, sales, divestitures or securitizations, we help you determine and secure the right deal.

We can help determine an asset’s true value, set up appropriate business and tax structures, optimize your position in regulated revenue and pricing environments, and execute the deal.

We combine proven practices and consistent methodologies with fresh thinking, giving the advice you need to make informed decisions, reduce risk and achieve a successful outcome.

Our services include:

  • Transactions support
  • Economic advisory
  • Utility revenue, price regulation and microeconomics
  • Infrastructure advisory
  • Valuations and business modeling
  • Cash and working capital management
  • Transaction integration and carve-out services
  • Transaction tax advisory
  • Capital markets advisory


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Power & Utilities
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EY - Patrick Bossé    Patrick Bossé
Power & Utilities
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EY - Andy Grainger    Andy Grainger
Power & Utilities
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