Women. Fast forward

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Why do we need to fast forward the gender parity clock? It’s about equal pay for equal work, yes. It’s about having a balanced number of men and women in senior roles and board positions, of course. But it’s not simply a matter of “doing the right thing” or feeling good about our corporate policies. Accelerating the gender parity clock is an economic imperative.

Corporate executives can take that leadership and steer their organizations in the right direction. But it's not just up to CEOs - everyone in the organization, regardless of gender or rank, has a role to play in advancing gender parity. Together, we can redefine opportunities for future generations of women, forging a lasting legacy of growth, increased prosperity and stronger communities throughout the world.

Put gender on your agenda.

Trent Henry, EY's Canadian Chairman and CEO

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Women in the workplace

Women make up more than half the population of the world yet have long been overlooked as a vital talent resource that contributes to economic growth and prosperity. To accelerate closing the gender gap, we'll need to equalize representation in the workplace, both in established economies and emerging markets.

Women in leadership

Women remain under-represented on boards of directors and in the C-suite, despite evidence that companies with women directors have better business outcomes. We’re accelerating the conversation about how – and why – to get more women into leadership roles.


To accelerate growth, we'll need to harness the potential of women entrepreneurs. Our programs, in Canada and globally, empower women entrepreneurs to think bigger, gain access to capital, learn from their peers and find seasoned advisors. These connections help their companies scale, increasing employment and prosperity.


EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Women at EY

We have worked hard for many years to create an inclusive work environment where our women can advance through their careers. A strong “tone at the top,” enabling women and men to succeed personally and professionally, and a commitment to inclusive leadership have been central to our efforts.

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