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March 2018

Press Releases

  • Canada announces new Global Centre of Excellence in Halifax
    Halifax, 13 March 2018
    EY Canada has launched the first Canada-based EY Global Centre of Excellence for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service in Halifax. The Centre will offer world-class customizable digital services to companies across the country.
  • Ontario tobacco taxation is contributing to a growing contraband market
    Toronto, 8 March 2018
    An EY review of tobacco tax policy in Ontario shows tax rate increases are reducing revenue for the province as consumers turn to a growing contraband market.
  • BC mining and exploration sees resurgence after years of stagnation
    Vancouver, 5 March 2018
    British Columbia’s mineral and coal exploration industry grew last year for the first time since 2012, according to the second annual British Columbia mineral and coal exploration survey conducted by EY, the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources (EMPR) and the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME).
  • EY breaks down the federal budget impact on private businesses
    Ottawa, 1 March 2018
    The federal budget announced on 27 February 2018 showed a clear focus from the government to continue building an inclusive and sustainable economy. For private companies across Canada, the budget indicated a much more muted approach to tax reform measures announced in 2017.

February 2018

Press Releases

  • EY Canadian Mining Eye Index sees more growth in Q4 2017
    Toronto, 22 February 2018
    The EY Canadian Mining Eye index continued to make gains in the fourth quarter of 2017, up two more percentage points over the previous quarter to 4%.
  • Cleantech sector on the rise in Québec
    Montréal, 22 February 2018
    Cleantech cuts across all sectors of the Québec economy yet remains relatively unknown and hard to define. According to a new EY survey, Québec pureplay cleantech generates over $1 billion in annual revenue and $300 million in research and development investments, while employing nearly 9,000 people across some 350 companies. From green process innovations for food production and sustainable natural resource management, to driving energy efficiency in manufacturing, real estate and transportation, cleantech impacts every area of economic activity.
  • What will the federal budget mean for Canadian businesses?
    Ottawa, 20 February 2018
    With the next federal election just twenty months away and only one more budget remaining before then, the 27 February 2018 federal budget announcement is expected to address ongoing government priorities and tie-up loose ends. What will Canadian businesses likely see? EY Canada leaders anticipate matters of private company tax reform, investment in innovation, attention to gender equality and a potential response to US tax reform or conflict between provinces to come into focus.

January 2018

Press Releases