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Insights for private business


No two companies are the same, and no two take the same path. But there are many common challenges companies face on the road to growth and profitability. Check out our hot topics and tax insights below.

EY - Succession by the numbers

Succession by the numbers

Here are some key numbers to consider as you start your succession planning journey.

EY - Business Meeting

10 tips to avoid litigation

Practical tips to help you avoid litigation so you can get past the dispute and back to business.

EY - Business meeting

7 traits of great leaders

7 considerations that are highly important if you aspire to be a more effective leader.

EY - Atria

7 actions for expanding your private business

Internationalization can be a challenging process for a private business. Read how you can best prepare for entering a new market.

EY - Brainstorming strategies

4 advantages of incorporating sustainability strategies into your business

Sustainability is a source of innovation and growth for private companies - failing to adopt an integrated approach to sustainability could mean rapidly losing ground to your competitors.

EY - Laptop

Smart strategies for dealing with your banker

EY’s Smart strategies for dealing with your banker is designed to offer techniques that will help you facilitate a strong working relationship between you and your banker

EY - Woman working with computer and calculator

How EY meets your private company needs

Helping business owners with all of their private company needs.

EY - Innovation Infographic

6 insights for driving innovation infographic

Successful companies do 6 key things to encourage innovation in their private businesses. Here's how you can support a culture of innovation within your company.

EY - Focusing on private business

Focusing on private business

They may not always garner the same level of attention as publicly listed businesses, but Canada’s 1.2 million private companies comprise by far the largest single segment of the Canadian economy.

Our Intrigues and Insights series gives you our perspectives on critical issues for Canadian private companies. We hope you'll find these videos insightful and helpful as you develop strategies and practices for your private business.

EY - Family business roundtable - Toronto

Family business roundtable session

Please watch our diverse panel of family business owners as they share their experiences and insights on creating and sustaining a successful family business.

EY - David Meadows

Advanced Data Analytics for Private Businesses

David Meadows, Associate Partner, Assurance Services, speaks to how data analytics can help transform private businesses.

EY - David Steinberg

Building your legacy: creating a strong succession planning roadmap

David Steinberg, Private Mid-Market National Co-Leader, hosts our June 2014 Breakfast Session on embarking on your succession planning journey.

EY - Andrew Schaefer

Multiples in the private mid-market

Andrew Schaefer, Senior Vice President, Transaction Advisory Services, Private Mid-Market, discusses the multiples at which private mid-market companies are typically selling for.

EY - Chris Hutchinson

Due diligence: a critical step when considering an acquisition

Chris Hutchinson, Vice President, Transaction Advisory Services, Private Mid-Market, discusses the importance of due diligence when considering an acquisition.

EY - Kelly Khalilieh

Understanding financial reporting standards

Kelly Khalilieh, Associate Partner, Private Mid-Market, explains the importance for private businesses to understand accounting standards.

EY - Mario Piccinin

Alternative financing: Your SR&ED questions answered

Mario Piccinin, Partner, Private Mid-Market, offers insights for private businesses on taking advantage of government funded SR&ED tax incentives.

EY - Neil Moore

Succession Planning: Getting started

Neil Moore, Partner, Private Mid-Market, discusses the intricacies and importance of succession planning for private businesses.

EY - Immediate tax optimization

Tax optimization in today's economy

Tax optimization can provide an additional source of capital in uncertain economic times.

EY - Indirect Tax

Indirect Tax Services

Are you constantly on the lookout to find efficient ways to reduce costs and increase profits?

ET - Capital Asset Review

Capital Asset Review

Classifying capital assets for income tax purposes can have a significant impact on your corporate tax payable and resulting cash flow.

EY - Indirect Tax Recovery

Indirect Tax Recovery

For over 30 years, we’ve helped private companies identify and uncover indirect tax recovery opportunities and provided them with indirect tax management support.

EY - A plan for tomorrow means peace of mind today

A plan for tomorrow means peace of mind today

Thoughtful estate and succession planning now means you can map your company’s future success, minimizing the risks to your family and your employees.

EY - Can an owner manager be considered an independent contractor?

Can an owner manager be considered an independent contractor?

While there is an abundance of jurisprudence on the issue of taxation of employees versus independent contractors, few cases address the role of the owner-manager of a corporate taxpayer.

EY - Changes to SR&ED tax credits impact entrepreneurs and innovation

Changes to SR&ED tax credits impact entrepreneurs and innovation

With this spring’s budget, Ottawa made significant changes to the popular Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program.

EY - Preparing for the next phase of your family business

Preparing for the next phase of your family business

Managing any business involves many challenges. One of the most difficult issues is family dynamics, and how they can affect the future of the company.

EY - Working in the cloud

Working in the cloud: tax considerations of cloud computing

As a relatively new business model that is by nature borderless, cloud computing creates challenges for taxing authorities and uncertainties for businesses.