• EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

    Meet the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ class of 2015.

  • 2014 Venture Capital Trends Report

    The upward trend for global venture capital in 2014 is likely to continue, with a consistent pipeline of new IPO listings and improved investor confidence.

  • Built to last

    Family businesses have proved more robust in the face of slow economic activity. What makes them so resilient?

  • Get the most from your IPO

    At each stage – whatever your sector, location or chosen market – we have the knowledge, experience and global reach to help you get the most from your IPO.

  • Coming home or breaking free?

    Why do young people want to work for the family business? We explore the individual, family, business and social factors that affect succession.

  • How governance can impact an IPO firm’s success

    The path from IPO to an index can be short. The key to sustaining valuation is having a plan to meet investors’ expectations.

  • Strategic Growth Forums

    Bringing together CEOs, entrepreneurs, government leaders, investors and advisors from around the world.

  • The EY 7 drivers of growth

    By focusing on a broader set of activities, businesses can accelerate and deliver far more sustainable growth. We’ve developed The EY 7 drivers of growth to help you gain that broader focus.

  • Guide to going public in Canada

    A successful IPO can take your business to the next stage in its growth journey. But deciding when and how to go public isn’t easy. We can help.

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    Are you an accelerator?

    The 2016 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year nominations are open!

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