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EY - Climate Change and Sustainability Services Offices

British Columbia

EY - Christine Rhodes
Christine Rhodes
Market Leader
+1 604 891 8435


Susan McGeachie
Susan McGeachie
Market Leader
+1 416 943 3882


Meghan Harris-Ngae
Meghan Harris-Ngae
Market Leader
+1 403 206 5030

Quebec and Atlantic Canada

Thibaut Millet
Thibaut Millet
+1 514 879 2846



Contact us

Thibaut Millet    Thibaut Millet
514 879 2846
Meghan Harris-Ngae    Meghan Harris-Ngae
Western Market Leader,
403 206 5030
Susan McGeachie    Susan McGeachie
Central Market Leader,
416 943 3882
EY - Christine Rhodes    Christine Rhodes
British Columbia Market Leader,
604 891 8435

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Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan

Ontario’s economy is entering a new low-carbon era through a cap and trade program and climate change strategy and action plan.

EY - Global sustainability taxes

Global sustainability taxes

Discover which three areas of tax policy can help CFOs and tax directors navigate through environmental and sustainability changes happening today.