• The Innovation Paradox

    Corporate venture capital grows as big business responds to disruption.

  • How companies take investor relations to heart

    An effective IR organization is vital for companies both pre and post IPO. Our new report gets to the heart of the matter.

  • The EY 7 drivers of growth

    By focusing on a broader set of activities, businesses can accelerate and deliver far more sustainable growth. We’ve developed The EY 7 drivers of growth to help you gain that broader focus.

  • Built to last

    Family businesses have proved more robust in the face of slow economic activity. What makes them so resilient?

  • Get the most from your IPO

    At each stage – whatever your sector, location or chosen market – we have the knowledge, experience and global reach to help you get the most from your IPO.

  • Coming home or breaking free?

    Why do young people want to work for the family business? We explore the individual, family, business and social factors that affect succession.

  • How governance can impact an IPO firm’s success

    The path from IPO to an index can be short. The key to sustaining valuation is having a plan to meet investors’ expectations.

  • Strategic Growth Forums

    Bringing together CEOs, entrepreneurs, government leaders, investors and advisors from around the world.

  • A forum for family businesses

    Access insights from the brightest thinkers and doers in the world of family business in our EY Family Business blog.

Strategic Growth Markets

Helping your business grow, fast.

Entrepreneurs are the most powerful force in Canada’s economy. When it comes to stimulating economic growth and building a brighter future, you lead the way. You have the big ideas and take the risks to innovate, create jobs, generate wealth and invest in communities across the country.

You’re always looking forward, envisioning the next steps. And we’re right there with you every step of the way.

We’re the advisors entrepreneurs turn to for help in growing their business from startup to market leadership. We have a long history of supporting and nurturing visionary entrepreneurs. Our Growth Markets practice is dedicated to serving the unique challenges and changing needs of fast-growth companies.

Across Canada, our seasoned professionals are part of EY’s global network in more than 100 countries. On average around the world, we take a company public every business day of the year. We bring you the industry knowledge and hands-on experience guiding entrepreneurs through every stage of growth. We can help you make your vision a thriving reality.

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